Should we turn off purges for the meanwhile? Until thralls are fixed of course

Hi guys,
I want to play other games meanwhile (during prime time, after coming home from work), but I feel that if I do, an offline purge will occur, and destroy half my base while my thralls are bugged.

This is for PvE official. Think we could turn off purge for a week or two, until the thralls get fixed?

Purges occur so rarely and sporadically, that your basically more or less waiting around, watching youtube videos, wishing you could play monster hunter with friends right about now.

I was even considering buying a gaming laptop hooked on to sound blasters just to run CE to be on purge duty.

Don’t get me wrong - I love CE. It’s just right now, I’ve come to a point where I feel like I have to log on to guard against a purge that will never happen. The disappointment is starting to wear on me, because this sort of thing isn’t predictable at all.

The Schadenfreude of watching other people quit over this, and their bases being chewed up kinda kept me going as a survivor, but after 3 months of doing this, it’s starting to wear on me.

I have the patience of a saint, but at some point, even I start to question my sanity.

See, some might say “Just quit. Come back a month later.”

It’s not as easy as that. Nobody wants to abandon effort invested. At least I don’t.


I would advise setting Purges to only happen when players are on line. Thralls have been bugged for so long that it really isn’t even a bug anymore, it’s just the way it is.


Agreed. The “decay system” should be used for cleaning servers of players who have “quit” while the Purge should be a mechanic of game play (online only).


Besides, purges are fun! They are a blast and I want to be there to enjoy it.

Purges are a terrific addition to the game.


Well I heard that they are releasing a new testlive version that has a fix for the Thralls from what has been said in the news section for tomorrow.

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I understand your situation and I think it would be the sensible thing to switch it off unless it works as intended, that includes Thralls as defenses as well.

The issue seems to be that the bugs related to Purge/Thralls do not seem to be consistant for all players which does not only make it hard to track but to fix as well.

Given FUNCOM is a company and all companies want to make money, yes that is called capitalism, they will not disable one of the key-features they promoted with 1.0.
This would basically be a statement that they did something wrong which might hurt sales.

Looking from a pure business-perspective it makes sense to just sit this out while the dev’s try to fix it.
We here in the forums care about this game that is why we take our time to point out inconsistencies and make suggestions. But let us face the truth we are but a fraction of the 1.4 million which bought this game so switching of that feature might hurt their sales and purely money-wise it does not make a huge difference (neglecting missing revenue from possible DLC sales) wheter a player who bought the game spends a hell of a lot of time.

To discuss the other ramifications of that would be way to much so I will stop here.

I guess we just have to way for a fix, I wait to have a purge (which makes the situation more comfortable for me than you) but it would be somehow unfair for the player on the official server not facing those issues.

I definitely think it should be turned off until thrall AI is fixed. It’s not ideal, but it’s the lesser evil for sure.

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I found a rythm I can work with.

See, my favorite motto in life is:
“If the wind of change comes, some people build walls, other’s build windmills.”
So I thought about this situation.

Since I am bound to the PC anyway, guarding my base, I am watching C# tutorials on
Then when my smoking head needs a break, I chop some wood.
When I hear a star fall, I gather star metal.

In a way, Conan Exiles stops me from playing other games, which I now turned into something productive.

Life always finds a way.

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