Purge Issues Info

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

This is a reply/addition to bug

Its closed and there were questions asked.

First I erroneously said singleplayer… I only play ONLINE that has been updated

One issue I want to make clear is I fully understand the purge mechanics, yet I am very confident the purge bar fills slower when in a clan than solo doing the same things, I left the clan for a week then re-joined twice to test. It always came faster when solo, I am quite sure I’m not just crazily doing double work when not in a clan, and if any of my clan members did ANYTHING the clan purge should move faster.
I made sure only to build during both for a similar amount of days, so it shouldn’t have been so concurrent twice in a row solo came days earlier that’s why my belief is something is off with the algorithm, I could be wrong but it should be looked at.

As to where the NPC got stuck, it’s an elevated base in a tree in the jungle biome. The NPC broke the floor and fell on a branch. I had no way to get to it nor my thralls and it could not leave so the whole purge got stuck

Furthermore there is a ramp leading to my base that is ignored and NPCs just appear in my base negating my defenses. It seems NPCs both purge and thrall can not path on sloped ramp tiles after like 2 ramps. This makes it hard to defend my base as the purge NPCs appear anywhere

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. during purge

Many have reported and I too feel that the purge meter fills slower now then it did say before the warmakers sanctuary addition.

Hopefully they will take a look at it and see if there is something amiss.

Hello @willprot, thank you for reaching out!

We appreciate the additional details being shared, these have been forwarded to the developers.

Could you please also share a screenshot of your base and its location?

Hey, for reasons mentioned, it’s not set up the exact same way now… I’m really not a fan of Purge NPCs appearing anywhere in a big base, wish they would favor appearing near gates or some type of weak points… that said, it was the treetops near Tailer’s Berth, between that and Canopy Outlook.

If I have time I may throw it together in Single player and screenshot it.

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