Many Purge Issues

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]

  1. Can’t end purge if NPC stuck.
    If Purge NPC goes somewhere it can’t be reached or attack the purge won’t end so now I’m stuck for an hour doing nothing as I can’t even build. I had a floor break so the Purge NPC was floating, I had no arrows to attack and no thrall archers would attack, so I couldn’t do anything.

If Purge NPCs haven’t attacked or been attacked in 5 minutes the purge should end.

  1. Purge timer inconsistent.
    First I have a purge every 6 days that seems a little excessive, but adding a clan members it dropped markedly over 10 days. It should be the same, a clan is already buffed if they have multiple bases so they don’t always have to deal with purge especially for those who prefer to focus on building. Regardless 6 days solo seems a bit much so it may be bugged.

  2. Purge meter won’t reset.
    Just had a Purge Offline but my Purge meter is still full. I was waiting for my Purge meter to fill to be available for it. it had a little to go when I logged out. I log in today and the meter is exactly the same with a little to go, but my base has a lot of damage and the Event Log list a Purge starting and ending right before I logged in.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game
  2. wait for Purge

As for the timer being inconsistent, the purge isn’t triggered by days played, but by the things you do in the world. Crafting, building, and killing give different point amounts that add to your purge meter. I myself don’t know these point amounts, but this is why it sometimes takes longer for a purge to trigger. In my experience, if no one in your clan logs in for a few days, the purge meter will drop some too.

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I suggest reading this.

It will give you a better idea about all the purge mechanics. The purge is something that Funcom has stated they are still looking into improving.

Sometimes when a NPC gets stuck like you described and the purge ends the meter doesn’t reset like it should but I don’t see that very often anymore.

Lastly as for frequency. I love the purge it’s one of my favorite game mechanics and I for one don’t want to see it harder to trigger or have it go away.


Hey there @willprot, thank you for your submission!

As @Arsenalcontrol and @Wak4863 have mentioned, it would be recommended that you get acquainted with the purge’s mechanics, as it can also have its settings tweaked to suit your preferences seeing as you’re playing on Single Player.

There are a few known issues, including the first one that you’ve mentioned, that we’re already investigating, and we apologize for that. If possible, we’d appreciate if you could share the exact location where your base is, and where you believe that the purge NPC got stuck under the terrain ( (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L).

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