Not being able to build after purge , saying purge is still active even tho it’s long finished and usually only happens after game freezes during purge and I reconnect and win said purge


First of all, I hate it that I have to post anything here instead of being able to directly report the bug from the ps5.

This game has a ton of bugs and apparently no support, but for me it has gotten worse:

:christmas_tree:after starting lvl 7 purge my game very often freezes and requires a restart after which I am not able to build cause it says I’m still in a purge even tho it has long finished .

:christmas_tree:my thralls very often do not engage the enemy, they just sit there with their shield in hand and only attack said enemy if he or she approaches and attacks them first

:christmas_tree:saving thralls from cage doesn’t work anymore, their health bar stays red and if I have no followers with me they just wonder off , if I do have followers with me they attack and kill said thralls I “rescued” only cage they works is the purge ones but not the world ones

:gift:worse one is the not being able to build after purge tho…. I’m on ps5 official pve c server so I always have to wait for a day for the game server to restart but if my game freezes during a purge I’m back having the same issue again

:santa:t3:I have tried starting a new purge and finishing it, did not work.

:santa:t3:only thing I didn’t try is killing myself by removing the bracelet cause I don’t feel like doing all the vaults again for the sigils , I had to do them a couple of time as my character had gotten stuck on a chair and only way yo fix it was by removing the bracelet or gotten boxed in by horse and followers in places where u aren’t allowed to move said followers .

:face_exhaling:it is quite annoying to be experiencing all this , specially as I’m someone who supported their game since day 1 on PlayStation , bought all their dlcs, almost all their battle passes and also different bazaar items

Please fix your game :santa:t3::gift::christmas_tree:PSN AssassinElf

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Please don’t, nice to have you around fellow exile, welcome to the forum and Merry Christmas :tada:.
It’s very important to do bug reports here but you have to learn how to use the correct bug template. Your post however is a valid feedback, which i confirm too.
If you play online official and your server reacts strange then you can use Zendesk as well to report unwanted behavior.

This is a bit invalid, stay tuned and you’ll see your self.

True, it happens, but the freezing part mostly on single player, online i have some time to freeze.

Damn true, yet no new :rofl::rofl:. But 100% true, thralls need better reaction.

I don’t know if this is intentional.
You know, many players online use to free thralls and because they didn’t want them, they left them in the hostile npc camps creating many issues with this action.
I kinda like the way it is now for 2 reasons.
1st i can use this npc for sorcery (i am not your savior lol)
2nd i role play like Conan, i release you from your cross now survive if you can :smirk:.

Indeed, very annoying!
Welcome again exile, nice to have you around.

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