2 months later... Purge

So last update reset our purge meter… Been wondering since then if I’d see anything.

So tonight, camping out some thralls other clan members running around doing whatever we get ‘the message’

Purge occurred where nobody was actually at. We have about 4 bases spread across the map. It picked our oldest least frequented base.

Ran for about a half hour, I think roughly 10 waves. Cackle of Hyenas.

This was on official server btw, on PS4.

First half of the purge was fine. cumbersome but was working well.

Eventually there was going to be a fuсk up though as this is funcom afterall.

Sure enough after the 4th wave, every enemy going forward spawned inside of a rock. didn’t even know what we were fighting, just swinging wildly and blindly at a rock in the side of the mountain.

I guess at this point we’ll take what we can get. No purge cleared achievement/journey step/whatever or anything either.

Happy it finally happened, just felt cheated by the end though.

Nice, so lucky. Still waiting. Btw it worked right at the start giving 10 minute warning and shows on map where they are hitting, map room will save time travelling.

I’ve had 3 purges sort of. All 3 were same purge in the dessert with spiders. All 3 bluescreened right when purge started. Last one I lost ownership of base after the crash.

i have yet to have a purge do any damage to a base i had 2 happen both hit small sandstone houses i just watched was up at new asgarth they beat on the base for a while before i decided to kill the thralls got a named alchemist from it but they did no damage to my base and i play on official 3505 server pve i dunno seems pointless to me

I have had 2 in 2months and they tore through my black ice base but I wasn’t on to stop them had meter full for weeks. Nearly full again so I will see how latest patch goes.