Purge Ends in Regrouping

Game mode: Official 3890
Problem: Bug?
Region: US

The last two purges we participated in on our server, one for a friend’s clan last week, and my clan’s last night, ended abruptly.

Their purge was two waves in the volcano. The first wave we watched frost giants walk into lava from a distance. The second wave was a large group of the children of Jhil that spawned inside the building. The wave was defeated and said “Regrouping”.

Last night, we had a wave of six yeti that spawned on my wheel platform on the lake. They were defeated, and it said regrouping, but the red X was gone, and the meter reduced. Nothing happened after that. I checked early this morning, and nothing else happened.

Can anybody address this? What is going on with the purge?

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Are you complaining that you weren’t attacked enough??? Lol. If you want, we can send someone to attack your base. Lol

I want a decent purge. I’ve fought in purges for ten clans on this server, and I have yet to get a named thrall better than Beri the blacksmith, who I already had six of prior to her completely disappearing from the game.

I can remember when the purge was broken for everybody else, but we got 10 waves of undead, Exiles, Nordheimers, or Lemurians. It was great fun.

10 waves!? WTF? You’re Purge last an hour and a half?

It sounds like you need to move. If those are the purges you’re getting, you’re in a lower tier level.

The purge was only 45 minutes, but we killed them so fast we got 10 waves.

Still…45 min? Lol. We got hit by Yettis last night and it was only two waves. We killed them so fast…well our animals did. We didn’t even get out of the main building before they were dead. We’ve been purged by frost giants like 4 times and, while those were tougher due to the numbers, even that was like 20min.

I could be wrong though. Time might just be flying for me during a purge. I’ll have to time the next one.

Weather you want more waves or less waves it’s not the way it’s intended. When the purge ends it should say “defeated” not regrouping.

Oh. Ours definitely said defeated.

Most do it’s just the 2 instances that I know about that show that something went wrong.


The old purges all happened before they fixed it. The days of wave after wave of naked Nordheimers are over.

At least everyone gets their purges now. I would like a little consistency.

Hello @speedice, thank you for your submission!

Our team is already aware of this issue so I’ll be forwarding the information you’ve shared as it will likely assist them with the investigation.

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