What is going on with the Purge? Part 1.5

Game mode: Official PvE 3890
Problem: Bug? Performance?
Region: US

First, we had purges that never came for some players.

Then, we had glorious purges that lasted 45 minutes with wave after wave of death and destruction. Or, as I like to call it, the good old days.

Then, we had purges that only came inside buildings.

Now, on our server, I have fought in six purges in the last week and a half for four clans. All of them except one involved two or three waves of low powered animals with a boss in the last wave.

What is going on? Shouldn’t we get more than a couple dozen hyenas or frost giants? That doesn’t even cover the BABY HYENAS we have to kill in order to advance the next wave. Really, who brings babies to a fight? That is horrible parenting.

The one purge that was a blast had beast tamers, lots of human fighters, dragons, mammoths, wolves, and other beasts, with a nice frost dragon finisher. That was fun.

Can we get some settings for more challenges in purges? I love this game. Thank you Rant over.


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