Anyone else having INSANE Purges?

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Hello I just got my second purge two days in a row. During the first one I was not online. But the second one today, had about 15 rocknose bosses and 20 mini bosses along with 50 normal. Is this a normal thing now? Ive had a few purges before during my time, but this many bosses at once?

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Did you get 5 Avalanches and a Rockslide with your Rocknose bosses in the final wave? Cause I got 5 Avalanches and a Rockslide with the Rocknose bosses in the final wave.

Lots of stuff died.

I got the regular Rocknose in the first wave, about 10 of them. And then in the second wave there were about 10 regulars, and 15 HUGE bosses. And after that untill wave 5 or so, there was a mix between all sizes. Im just thinking, is this a new thing or is this a bug? Because that was insane. I lost every pet and thrall I had defending my place.

I’m envious, I’ve still not had a single purge in over a year of playing!

I got that one after starting on a new server, after about four days. Total annihilation Lol. I had to start completely over. We got that same purge on our main server. It was fun!

Sounds like a Level 6 difficulty purge to me. Are you on a private server per chance?

I am currently playing on an Official Pve. But purges like these, do they come often?
That was a nightmare lol.

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