Let tell ya a story. Purge from hell

Official server. My character is 60th, but not half way through the game. Had a nice little base close to the summing place but not in the way of anything. Had a purge.

Started off with me running around out side to find where the fighting was. Inside, second floor. I had 2 bearers and one fighter inside. Opened the doors and my out side fighters rush in and to the second floor to fight rocknoses. Not sure why they spawned in the middle of my base, it’s easy access, ask any of the impalas that wander through daily.

None the less. fast fight. no damage. Second wave spawns on the third floor, nothig there but my bed. And this time I have a few :skull: mini bosses to deal with. Fight lasts a bit longer, but no damage no casualties.

Third wave I thought I was ready for. Spawned about in the same place but this time no weak little rock noses, just mini bosses and, yes you guessed it, Living mountains, yes plural. Oh ya, this went to hell fast. Thralls died, large sections of my base was destroyed; lost all my sorcery stuff, I died.

Re-spawned started to clean up the mess and… wave 4 started with mini bosses and Living mountains, then the Avalanche showed up.

Base is devastated, lost most all my thralls, pets, work benches, chests of materials, ect 4 more levels to complete my pass, and I think it’s time to step back and rethink.



Well that sucks. I’ve heard of it happening but since release over dozens of different bases in different locations I’ve never had a single enemy spawn inside my base. I count myself most fortunate lol :joy:


Been playing since this dropped. Never had a a purge spawn inside my base till 3.0.


Sending imaginary Blade of Seven Winds. You always need to keep one of those around when living in rocknose territory :frowning: Sorry you had this happen though.
I haven’t had the “pleasure” yet… only been getting nordheimers, but my tiny house is also in their zone… so the Rockslide is gonna have fun with it… But I have my special rocknose killing kit! Hopefully when they come, I’ll be ready… (plus the darn thing wouldn’t even fit in my house even if it wanted to spawn inside…)

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You’ve been lucky.

Whenever the path-finding algorithm can’t find the path from the spawn point to the target block, it decides to spawn the enemies directly on top of the target block.

And the funny thing I failed to realize for the longest of times is that the path-finding algorithm can fail to find the path simply because the server is under a lot of load and the AI is starved. :frowning:


I’ve seen them spawn in bases, but its always been because the players in question got clever and built a base that the AI couldn’t get to.

The guys on my server now build up in the air and have walkways all over, but leave gaps that you can jump.

The AI is stupid and won’t spawn in the base because it has a path, but because the gaps in the platforms are there, the purge spawns can’t get to anything important. THey just mill about at the gap.

The only things that remotely can hurt are purge archers so you just make sure you take them out and then go about your business because the purge can’t hurt you.

Other popular build places are in the lakes with walk ways leading to the base in the middle of the lake, and again cutting gaps in the walk way so that the AI has a path to your base… but can’t actually achieve getting anything across the gap and they just mill at the gap.

If you don’t leave room for the purge to think it can get to your base though, you will get stuff in your base often.

It is my desire that the purge get made smarter or introduce flying creatures that just fly into the base because I hate seeing stuff like the above, but its very effective.

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Yes, you should :wink:.

@DeaconElie, a few days ago @Coty said something about devastating purges after 3.0.
I’ve been playing in multiple servers so I wasn’t lucky so far to have one yet :confused:. I remember before the update people here already complaining for the rocknoses purge. Yet I believe what’s more devastating is that we get something we don’t expect. Like you sayed, “I play this game since release” , so if you play that long you feel that you have the control of the situation and the experience to go through…
I hope this is a bug and not intentionally, purge inside it’s not nice.

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But, it’s a Rockslide…
Inside or outside, you are dead 100%

Just remember to leave at least 1 exit down to the ground, whether it’s a floating city, or a treehouse, or the mountain top villa. By “down to the ground” I mean you don’t need a slightest jump or climb to access your base. A simple test is to drag a thrall all the way to your wheel of pain in base while only holding w+shift. If you can do that, monsters can do that, then you are safe.

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Purges definitely need to be retuned and maybe turned off until that happens. I had SOMEONE else’s purge spawn inside my base last week. Had I not just happened to venture back to base at the right time things could have been bad because I didn’t even have proper defenses set up, as I myself was no where near filing the purge meter.

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Like I said, I have impalas walking through my place all the time. I even put stairs up where the walk up slopes were. There was 0 reason for any purge to spawn in my base.

But, went back on, salvaged what I could packed it all way south, set up a cube full of chests, and am done. This wasn’t the only reason I have given up on Conan. It was just the watermelon sized cherry on top of a crap 3.0 Sunday.

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@CodeMage explaines it much more betterer than I could. I learned from my own losses over time, and built accordingly. Regardless of whether normal NPCs can path, Purges operate differently. They target a block in your base, which could very well be buried, or obscured from view. If they can’t naturally walk to it, they will appear on your roof or inside your walls.

My best rule is to strategically place your first block, like a ceremonial cornerstone of yore. Then as your base expands, mark it with a sconce or brazier, and keep a thrall on follow as you walk inward to the spot (starting at the pathway the Purge waves took). If the thrall teleports or gets stuck, so will the Purge. Good luck, Deacon, I know you’ve taken a pasting ever since Testlive. :slight_smile:


Wowser. Am not jealous of that adventure. Sorry dude. A little late, but can I share my tactic for survival?

When I am close to a purge I start collecting thralls and place them in the graves. I have 4-5 graves set up each with about 8 thralls in them.

Then when I get the 10 minute warning I start raising zombies. I manage about 10 zombies to start with. I quickly set them to attack and manage wave one. Then I raise the rest of the zombies in the break. I end up with about 30 zombies.

I have survived 2 purges doing this. One was a Cimmerian purge and the other was a fish monster purge, both very tricky.

But, when you get a group of zombies together, they lay waste to anything in their path. They took down a Cimmerian berserker in about 30 seconds, same with those fishmen.

Some of the zombies come out at nearly 11,000 health, they are way better than any thrall I’ve got, and then you’ve got a group of 30 or so…

May I suggest you try this to see how you go?

Good luck.



I was watching a you tuber the other day who said that Funcom said they patched the spawn inside problem so apparently they are not meant to spawn inside anymore. Guess that was wrong?


I don’t remember seeing anything in the patch notes about that, but I’m not as careful as I used to be when reading through them.

If you take me as an able curator of these things, it is variously fixed over time. Some people blame it on “regression,” but I think it’s simply a condition of teams. Back in the day they were transparent about their teams, so we knew who was terraforming, for example. After a modest amount of time looking, it seems to me improvements in the terrain will impact AI pathing, when compounded by the presence of structures. Therefore, any discontinuity in the former Terraforming Team might manifest itself in other ways.

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The last purge I had in Exiled Lands was Nordheimers. First wave spawned normally, and was dealt with. Second wave spawned in a storage room that had no guards at the time, but caused minimal damage by guards on the floor below and the purge trying to fight each other. Until I went into the room and attacked. It took a few seconds for about the same number of level twenty thralls as there were purge fighters to join in and take this second wave apart. The only real loss was a preservation box with gold and silver vein rocknoses, a door, and a level sixteen greater rhino.
I have since placed five dalinsias and two greater sabretooths, leveled both cats and four dalinsias to level ten so far. They should already be able to entertain a purge until more guards rush on in and help them. Four dalinsias and two greater sabreooths, could even hold off a rockslide, if not kill one themselves.

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