First NEW Purge Experience... SUCKED!


Well, i had a base, with over 50 named(all Freya) archers 35 mixed Named fighters, (all level 20 with top gear). captured from all over the map and a bunch of Greater Bears. Walls, traps, palisades and a funneling place for enemies to get trapped in a slaughter(tested pre-chapter 2). Base built between noob riverfall and the Yog Religion Teacher.

So i went into the coffer, value said 57k and a threat level of 7. Figured with the amount of thralls i had and their level it shouldn’t be to bad. Man was i wrong… There was no indications on purge actually activating, no indication from where they would be coming, no wave 1 or 2 info etc and suddenly they came running. And not like in a small wave but freakin 20+ crazy npc’s and by the time i had killed half another wave came and then another one…
So basicly: i died myself after slaughtering a bunch, game crashed during respawn to bedm i came back in after way too much time cause of the dumbass intro always forcing itself all the way to the end. Back in game and find most my thralls are all gone(killed by a gang of way weaker npc’s, no bodies or lootbags so no way to recover armors and weapons from them. All the purge-troops vanished but their camp still standing where it spawned and building restrictions are still on so i assume the purge did not “end”
Will their base despawn by itself , if so after how long ?
How am i supposed to get that purge camp to vanish when there is no boss to kill off etc ? (besides rebooting server wich will become annoying if this keeps happening).
Are my killed defenders supposed to just vanish and thus making me unable to recover alot of great and expensive gear ?
And waves just all coming at once with no warning/indication ?

Been playing since game came out as Early Access, running 3 Gportal servers with some friends and stuff over manmy years. Lately been loosing fate in the game and this was what i hoped would bring some cool fun into tit but after this purge test i kinda feel just BLEH about it all…


There is a notification about the start of an attack, it comes after the notification that reconnaissance is underway, a few seconds later.
There are several considerations regarding defense tactics:

  1. Archers are useless here; fighters are needed to defend the gate.
  2. There must be several gates, at least 2. The main forces must protect the outer gate.
  3. The player must be at the last gate to the treasury and kill the guys with rams who break through.
  4. All thralls must have an exotic feast in their inventory! Guys, farm eggs and cook a lot of exotic feast! Eggs are now the main treasure of the game))

Archers worked fine from the walls. Fighters where guarding the gates as they supposed to . Problem is that the purge went nuts and there was no warnings and all of the purge hit my base at the same time more or less so not in waves, and when i died game crashed so the purge locked itself. Couldn’t build anything. All npc’s from the purge where gone and all bodies of my dead thralls where gone. Purge did not reset…

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My 3rd attempt; rebuilt twice, finally got a raid, level 2; just testing. They poured in in a steady stream, nonstop. took out my gate, my treasury, the entire pad it sat on, then went for the front of my keep.
They guys with the battering rams came AFTER the gate was gone and my treasury destroyed. I thought the raid was supposed to end when they got your treasure, but I had to log out to stop it.

I may continue to play around with this on test, but that crap got buffed going live, so it’s even worse now.

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I don’t want to say anything categorically, but perhaps the player shouldn’t die? Perhaps the death of a player means defeat in the purge?

That would make sense, but then the purge should also stop(meaning the camp purge puts up nearby should despawn and building beeing allowed again, wich it did not do,) Not lock it self in purgemode with no mobs to kill… I had to restart the entire server for the purge to actually stop and be allowed to build stuff again.

And this is why I’ve decided to wait for patches and stuff before doing a purge. I saw all the challenges stated to do purge stuff. I instantly re-rolled them.

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The fact is that it won’t be easier; on the contrary, they promised to add difficulty levels after the 10th. And in the third part, it looks like they will add catapults, then it will be fun))

Are you even reading what i am saying… ? I am not complaining about some “more difficult purge system” but some serious flaws and bugs…
The new system is suppsoed to send mobs in waves wich it doesnt, i had 30+ enemy npc’s at the same time. The game is not supposed to keep a purge active with no actual mobs to fight and by doing so blocking players from building in the game. Building (for the player/clan that us beeing purged) is blocked in the new system during purges. If a purge is finished building is supposed to be allowed again without servers or game needing a restart.
And thralls killed by the purge-mobs are supposed to be on the ground afterwards so you can recover armors and weapons off them…


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@lattis , my post was not addressed to you, but to jmk1999

curious if you’re running mods on your server?

On a private Vanilla (CE, no mods), I kicked off a Level 10 purge and beat it. Their forward base was really close to one of my gates, so it was spawning waves and pulling my guards out further than I wanted. I ended up losing 7 of my beserkers + a dalinsia (all level 20, redeemed legion helms, voidforged dragon chest, perfected heavy armor arms, tassets, boots). I was running and bringing over reinforcements from my other gates throughout the battle, and eventually beat the commander. Got my rewards and thralls (was happy there), and I can build fine afterwards.

I also play on a modded Savage Wilds private server with a number of great mods. There, I can summon the purge; but only the camp spawns with no enemies that come. Have a hunch it’s about me using Notch -and-arrow gates and portcullis. I had to quit the game completely to despawn the camp and reset the accountant guy. Now, I can’t build at all. I am unable to rebuild the vault base because “you can’t build during a purge” - same issue you seem to have.

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Yeah running mods…

Alas, this is a Pyrrhic victory… we must make sure not to lose a single fighter at all. Maybe double their number. Put an exotic feast in their inventory. Etc.

yeah, I don’t view troops as expendable assets - they will all be missed. Will definitely do a number of tweaks to prevent that in the future. I did gruel them all up, but he shear number of enemies hardly gave them a chance to recover their health in time. It was intense, and I loved it.

As far as the mods, I am discussing the purge issues on the Savage Wilds discord. They definitely listen and respond so much better than I have seen The Big Con people do.

  1. How many seconds would it take for exotic feast to recover 3000 health?
  2. How many seconds of downtime do you have between Purge waves?
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My first purge was very similar on ps5. Lots of geared thralls, archers and fighters, all lvl 15-20. I had gates, walls, pallisades, the works. I spawned the purge almost as soon as I logged in, and the camp spawned a metre from the gate. The fight was absolutely chaotic, I was loving it, but I over extended myself and got cut down. Cue game crash. I struggled to get back into the server, and when I did 12 of my thralls were dead and the purge was over. I managed to reclaim all my gear though and had to log off soon after. Since then I’m geting an endless loading screen every time I try log in.

I put up some thrallpots and stuffed them with feast now, (seems the thrallpots are not feeding/healing them, atleast those that where in the door-guard positions, so i guess i will have to add feasts to each and every one thrall from now on), and did another run with a smaller purge.
Waves still not really waves but more like a rampage storming but this time i finished the purge with no crashes or deaths, but the damn camp with the chest in it de-spawned the moment i looted the key from boss so i could not loot the chest… Stuff is def not stable yet… But atleast i got to do some challenges so thats a pluss…

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probably the amount of npcs caused the crash.
i didnt get to test the new purge yet but it sounds from your experiance like it needs some tweaks so i guess ill wait for the next patch/fix to arive, thx for sharing your experiance.

Just do an experiment: put a thrall against a strong world boss (for example, a scorpion) and see two options: with good food and without. I did. After that, I always put some gruel or an exotic feast in their inventory. Not to mention that food increases the damage of power weapons.

This I already mentioned before in the forums after watching the livestream. Officially the purge ended with a message but the npc´s still kept coming. Devs simply pretend as everything was fine.

Another thing I noticed is, that stuff was hanging in the air and didn´t vanish. I don´t know if they go rid of that bug or if it also went live.