Had my 1st Purge LOL

Well, I had no Idea this was a thing on PVE, but I had my first Purge experience. At first i was like wt…I was at a new small base i built far from my main. But when the alarm went off announcing it, it didn’t say which base was being attacked so i headed back to my main…but nothing happened there lol. It was at the small one. But unfortunately its all gone lol. When I went back to the small base there were like 15 npcs all over the place… But anyways…So lesson learnt il just stick to 1 base to save confusion lol…I also thought that purges would be on PVE- Conflict tho not PVE :rofl:


after the purge message u can see where the purge will occur by watching the map

a small cross swords “x” will appear where the purge is gonna hit!!!

wish u more luck next time!!! and more fun!! :smiley:


Ah ok, i never thought of looking on the map at the time…

But also do you know if they only happen when your online?

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They initiate with at least one clan member online. But once that horn goes off, it’s going to happen regardless if you are online or not.


Hmm so I could log in and find I have no base at all o.O …hmm not what i expected on pve :face_with_spiral_eyes: if the purges were purely a war from NPCs attacking our thralls and tames fair enough but not actually destroying bases o.O…

As erjoh said, the purge only starts when you are online. But once the purge has started while you or a clan member are or after you went online directly, it lasts a half hour or ends earlier after you have fended off all attacking NPCs. On the official PvE(C) servers a purge usually starts between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. according to the local time where the server is located - provided you or a clan member are online during this time window.


was just typing the same thing :slight_smile:

@Corrupted_Royal the Purge can be very destructive, but it can also be very fun and rewarding. I’m on Official PVE myself and work hard to get the purge as often as I can. Wish you all the best for the next one, you got this!


And one more thing, Corrupted_Royal:

Depending on how helpful the other players on your server are, experienced players might be able to help you with your next purge. I’ve helped others before, which makes sense because it can be very difficult to catch the golden thralls on your own in the beginning.


A purge can easily level you base, and kill all your NPCs. And since they can spawn right in the middle of your base, there is no defense you can mount. Welcome to Conan, have fun.

3rd purge on a PVE server I had multiples of these spawn in side my keep; that they were bigger than.

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Yep. most of us respond to a call for aid. Unless it’s raid time then we will let the purge break open your base while we collect all of you loot like pacman eating dots jk🤪


Oki thank you all for your helpful tips :grin::sunglasses:


There r ways to secure ur base by building alone .

And the best way to check is to enter single player, build a rough replica of ur base and initiate purge a couple of times


This is the way! ᕙ⁠(⁠⇀⁠‸⁠↼⁠‶⁠)⁠ᕗ


I’ve tried to connect to single player mode and even tried to join another official but for Isles of Siptah map bit evertime I get ‘an error has accured’ so it seems I can only join the official server I’m in already…ive tried everything sooo I guess my fate is a done deal. :pensive::sweat_smile:. Shame tho cause id like to see what Isles of Siptah is like lol

There are also dark knowledge of the demon, cheese, that is rumored to avoid purges altogether but we speak not of the forbidden text that binds one’s soul to shame if uttered…since I’m shameless and questionably soulless, meh why not mention it.


? :thinking: where is that

Ah yeah… remember my highlands outpost that I didn’t pay attention to the X on the map and it got completely wiped while we were fortifying the mounds? :expressionless: I felt pretty dumb about that one.


@Corrupted_Royal if own Siptah you should be able to get on a server. People have been getting issues trying to get on lately.
getting into a offline game shouldn’t be a issue for you


We all been there. If a player started the game without YouTube guides, wiki or forum then this is a typical mistake :man_shrugging:.
Actually, it’s not even mistake, it’s just lack of knowledge!
This game IS difficult.
We spend so much time in it that we forgot how difficult beginning we had!
We couldn’t survive in the starting river and we didn’t think to open the map and retrieve our precious fiber clothing and stone gear, remember?
I remember starting from sinners refuge to go to pagoda and return was taking me 3 hours and i felt exhausted for doing this “huge” journey :man_shrugging:.
Now in three hours we have all the Obelisks and legendary gear!
But it’s been over 6k hours!
I don’t believe i played another game that much!

Congratulations exile :blush:.
In this game knowledge is expensive, but rewarding too!
Save your self from second thoughts, everything that’s lost and gone can go with the wind!
Make sure to learn and gain experience from the unexpected. The more you loose the more you learn, so feel no fear, go for it. You may loose everything but never your knowledge (just don’t use yellow lotus potions :rofl::rofl::rofl:).
Best wishes for your next purge!


hahaha of course, plus it was a Berserker Purge, so they levelled it damn fast!