My First Purge 2.4

I’ve been trying to get to the purge for about a week now. I really wanted to give it a good test so I built my base on top of deep water at Riversend. I built a small walkway to the base so the AI had a clear path. For the most part the purge went really smoothly with the only issues being that the group of Beast Tamers fell into the water a lot. I do not yet have any fences up to help prevent this from happening though. Black Ice is kind of expensive to build with.

None of the purge spawned inside my base. Yay! :+1:

The only buggy issue that arose was when the 3 skull Ice Dragon showed up. It was having trouble staying on the 1 wide walkway around my tower. So it was going in and out of the water. It took some time for it to teleport back out of the water once it fell in. So the battle with the dragon took longer than it had to. Also, right about when it was going to die it just blinked out of existence. So I lost the chance for the skeleton key.

As for my thralls. They seemed to have the same fall off the walkway and into the water issue that the attackers had. Only in the case of my thralls they didn’t teleport back to a useable, walkable place. They just stayed floating under water and basically became useless until I re-placed them on land or my base.

Just thought I would leave a little feedback on the purge since the 2.4 update.

Thank you for all the hard work Funcom! Keep it up!

I play SP, Exiled Lands, with no mods.


I did a 2nd purge where I didn’t have a clear path to my bed to really test it. The results were decent. Only about 6 purge attackers spawned inside my base. The bigger issue is with my thralls getting stuck in the water and not coming back out.

Now that I reflect back on the purge I think it’s entirely possible that the ones I attributed to spawning inside the fort may have possibly gone into the water and teleported inside. I’m on a river and had to defend one side on the land outside of the fort. So I couldn’t see all the attackers.

Just finished my 3rd 2.4 purge. This time I had two pathways to my bed. There were no teleportation issues. As I was finally able to put fences around key areas there also wasn’t any issue with my thralls getting stuck under water. However, the 3 skull Ice Dragon once again was a bit glitchy. When it first showed up it was stuck halfway in the ground and couldn’t be hit or hit anyone with it’s attacks.

Other than the 3 skull dragon being a bit glitchy I would say that the fixes for the purge have been done pretty well.

I have videos of all 3 purges so if Funcom wants to see the 3 skull dragon issues that is entirely doable.

Thanks again for all the hard work!


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