What has been the worst Purge you have been through?

So, I play what I guess is considered PvE on my PS4 and I co-opt with a friend. So, I can play when he doesn’t want to. This is the 2nd time we have started a game. The first time it was on his PS4 server, so I had to wait for him to play. So far, we haven’t done much in terms of fighting bosses or doing that much exploring. But I have reached level 60 by harvesting, fighting exiles, and doing what journey steps I can. Our base is just south of the Black Galleon, so fighting a Rocknose King every chance I get helped me level.

Anyway, I always wanted to build a huge base. So, I decided to build one between Sepermeru and the Unnamed City, on what looks like a huge salt flat. Because I was doing this for fun, I just went to the admin screen and gave myself the materials I needed. I was using the reinforced stone for the building, as it looks most like a medieval castle. I had done 2 layers of foundations (which was huge, 52x26). I had also done 2 levels of double layered walls (so both sides look like stone).

Then, I got hit by a Purge. 1st wave was 8-10 Rocknose. No bigy. 2nd wave was about 15 Rocknose. Again, handled without much difficulty. I only had on my light armor and had my hardened steel greatsword, both flawless, as I was just building, not fighting. However, the 3rd wave was at least 1 Corrupted Rocknose and 4 Avalanches. I kept getting trampled to death, as the Avalanches would converge on me. If I engaged one, another would be behind me. If I rolled out of the way, another one was right there. I must have died 7 or 8 times (luckily, I had a bedroll just north of Sepermeru) before I gave up in frustration. At least 40% of my new base had been destroyed and I still have 3 Avalanches to deal with next time I play. I am thinking of taking a hiatus from the game.

Have any of you seen a Purge of that size?


I haven’t seen it personally but I reddit where a pretty good-sized clan just up and moved after two of these purges. You should have tons of branches by now: place a T4 in an Artisan’s bench and make spikes and then palisades. Use them as traffic control to drive the Avalanches into your best fighter thralls. Good luck and fight on.

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Yes, weve had that purge several times. I think its one of the tougher ones…but it is doable. Have lots of pets and thralls to help with defence….even if they die, they are cannon fodder for a reason.

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“Worst” is pretty vague, but I’m going to take it to mean challenging rather than disappointing. :slight_smile:

23 Waves of Exiles
One that stands out as a real endurance test was a 23-wave Starved Exiles purge I got in the middle of the Rotbranch’s island on J6. I had just barely moved my entire base, and while the waves themselves weren’t overly difficult, the fact that they wouldn’t stop coming for over 2 hours was just nuts. We filled up 3 greater wheels of pain with crafters and finally had to call for help from other players and just slaughter everything as quickly as possible in order to get it to complete.

Rocknose Mosh Pit
As for purges that were more punishing, we had rocknoses spawn at my clanmate’s base, and the kept spawning inside a decoy tower he’d built. This wasn’t too bad until the huge brown bastard appeared during the last wave. The health bar may only show 1-skull, but make no mistake the end boss hits like the fist of Crom! We had about a dozen level 60s there helping out and at least half of us died because we got stuck inside the tower with it when it spawned inside — no where to run, nowhere to dodge. On the corpse run back, I remarked that the damage to the tower didn’t look too bad until I got to the far side of it and saw that there was no far side anymore! Just corpse markers and bodies everywhere! :rofl:

Frost Giant Hell
The most brutal overall though was a 13-wave Frost Giant purge that one of my friends had at a small, quaint log cabin up above Dragonmouth. Being as it was one of her smallest outposts, it was unlikely that it would ever win the purge lottery so the only defenses were the players who showed up to help and their thralls.

Now normally a dozen level 60s with beefy thralls would have made short work of Frost Giants exceeeept the purge spawned on the roof, and there was no ground access to it. So the thralls all just kinda sat back and watch every alpha on the server get their ■■■■■ handed to them for a good hour and change. If the giants didn’t kill us by body-blocking and crushing us, they’d practice their golf-swings on us and we’d die flying off the base looney-toons style.

There wasn’t a whole lot left of the roof by the time the purge was done, and most of the 2nd story was trashed too, but at least the ground floor and basement survived. Definitely not a battle I’ll soon forget! :smiley:


My worst purge… Hmm, it has to be a purge I got late summer 2018 on an official PVE server.
I was level 30 something and had just moved to the breach, my house was made of insulated wood, but my defense wall was sandstone and my thralls was mostly level 2-3 nordheimers.
I was far away when I got the message that a purge would hit my base in 10 mins, I couldn’t make it back before it started, but I made it just in time for the 2nd wave and to my surprise most of my defense wall was gone + a lot of the fighter thralls, the ground was full of dead white wolves all over the place.

The entire purge was 4 waves with only white wolves, these damned creatures came in such huge numbers that was close to impossible kill as they came.
I have no idea how many there were in total, but my guess is a lot more than 100 and in the end I had only a few floating archers left, my main house was half destroyed, a lot of chests and stations were lost and all my 15-20 fighter thralls were dead, it almost felt like starting fresh when I had to rebuild, it took so long to get back to where I were and I decided to make the defense wall from blackice :sweat_smile:

The below screenshots are taken around and at the end of wave 2 when I arrived to my base.

Both of these would have been bugged purges where they were restarting repeatedly. There are no purges with more than 9 waves. I believe one of the most recent patches fixed this issue, so you should never see a 23- or even 13-wave purge again.

Gee, ya think? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

my worst (best) purge was recently… I was on a private server… one of 5 players and a admin online and my desert outpost was hit by 20 waves of relic hunter troops… in total about 100 soldiers marched across the open sands towards my little RP vacation home… against my 3 T4s I had garrisoned there… and then the admin got involved… dropping boss NPCs down into the melee (you know what a bored admin can do)… the unnamed city relic hunter worldbosses… the villa was demo’d completely except my bunkered storage room (in the center for protection)… took a good hour and a half and there are 2 new graves at my cemetery… RIP blackhand fighters john and rob! also got 4 crafter NPCs from it… a carpenter, a smelter, and 2 blacksmiths. all in all was an epic fight and I wasn’t bothered by the loss of the base

my (actual) worst was my very first purge… was in noobland and got a starved exiles purge… my 3 thralls (T1) and I stood waiting… and waiting… for about 10 min… then 3 NPCs slowly wandered up the slope to the little keep I had made…

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Yikes, was the admin trying to be a jerk? WTF! :grimacing:

nah… server was due to close soon anyways… plans to add quest lines and similar to keep the game interesting


yes typical rocknose purge. one of the hardest in game atm due to AoE dmg on the avalanches!

also one of the less rewarding as u can get stone/ice/blackice/crystal/brimstone not in great quantities and one skeleton key at the last boss.

ur best strategy is to divide em… craft some purgecatchers outside ur base… small unimportant builds that matches ur base (lets say a scattered village /farm around ur main castle… these will help as they will get stuck there leaving the main base intact… also they will be divided so they will be easier to kill.

watch ur thralls as this kind of purge can kill em if they caught up between a couple of avalanches .

have fun on next one (ur at single mode so respawn all back) and invest more at ur defenses! (thralls builds,palisades).

the one i ve seen (not only one time ) was at officials…

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Worst purge is Imps… the explosive kind. They blow up and boom! I was dead…wake up in my bed like it was nightmare. Damn imps some day will get my revenge

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The worst Purges are those that spawn within a rock or something. I can hear them in there, but can’t attack them. Then I spend a lot of time twiddling my thumbs, sitting on the roof of my castle, or scouting the surrounding landscape in the hopes of finding a straggler. In short, the worst Purges are those that just waste my time.

The Purges in my Solo game are broken anyway because all my bases are connected via “roads” built of sandstone foundations. So the Purge tends to hit the southernmost base, where the available options are Exiles, Imps, Snakes and Lemurians. It gets a little boring. But I guess I’ve only myself to blame for building that road network.

I just built a little house for the Tiny Homes building contest. It’s separate fom my network. I’m certain the next Purge will eat it.

U can kill what is in the rock using gas orbs or arrows… will save u a lot of time next time :wink:

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:scream: :tired_face: omg

I would ban my clanmates from pushing the meter past half way even again.

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Maybe not my worst purge, but the ones I hate the most. Just creeps me out and brings back memories of a really bad fishing trip on the beach at night.


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