Accursed purge off the charts

We just had an accursed purge at my friend’s base. They cut through layers of T3 foundations and Level 20 thralls with end game armor like they were naked. Is this normal or a bug?

Sound’s like my experiences with them. The first time I thought maybe it was just because they spawned in the middle of my base. I had built up on a cliff, but made sure to leave a stairway going all the way down to the bottom so they would have a path, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for them. :pouting_cat:

Anyway, after that debacle, I rebuilt in different location nearby that was on ground level. Again got an accursed purge, this time outside my base like it should. Didn’t matter. They still pretty well flattened my defenses.

This playthough I decided to try a completely different location that I think is outside of their purge area.

It’s not a bug. It’s a level 6 cimmerian swarm purge. Welcome to the world of thralls post 3.0. You really need to optimize them as best as you can and have them in large numbers to stand a chance. You need to have t4 fighters from the strongest factions. The rest serve for decoration. You also need to get your hands dirty and fight.


This would be why I typically defer the purge with my convergence trap. It’s easier to just do surges instead if I want to farm thralls.


Purges should be challenging. That’s the Tower Defense aspect of the game to force you to think strategically. Its one of my favorite aspects of Conan Exiles; in fact, I wish Funcom would do more with Purges (and Purge defenses) to make them even better. Its really underutilized.


Right, @Bodin . Well, I already played a bit with the new thralls and we can still create some really tough mtfs. It’s harder, no doubt, which means it will be more frustrating if you lose them.
Yeah, I like having beast thralls, but lets put that aside for a min.
The fact is that pre 3.0, it was extremely rare for me to lose a single one for a purge and, unless they spawned inside the base, you couldn’t even noticed I had just survived a purge. And I survived many lvl 6 purges without a scratch. Sure, you feel good about it and proudly look at your beastie fighters, but after a while it just gets old. You almost wished for bugs to happen so you had some excitement. :smile:
That has changed. Now you better think carefully if you really want to face very hard purges when you build. You must build and place your thralls strategically. You may want to build on a level 3-4 purge area until you have the best thralls in decent numbers and gear before moving to a harder spot., and pray you don’t get the cultists of Sobek as your first.
All in all, the game became more interesting.
And you are right, the purge is underutilized. They should have siege weapons!


Smart. On Siptah, purges very rarely bring crafters. I don’t remember ever capturing a single one, unlike on the EL.
Their only purpose is testing you defenses. When you don’t think about capture, all becomes much easier. I didn’t get a post 3.0 purge on Siptah, because I’ve been playing the EL, but I’m curious about them. They used to be a notch above most EL purges, but, even so were easy back then if you had good thralls/bases. That might have changed. :wink:

Yeah… :unamused: I’ve never had a Siptah purge. Never been a huge fan of them anyway since I build for looks, not for defense. Also, I’m on Pacific time zone, but all my servers have always been Eastern (never even seen a pacific server actually). Basically, I’m always 3 hours behind the purge timer and it can be difficult to get on when I’m typically at work when purge begins.

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Dude, then you just taught me something new! :laughing: I had no idea the convergence traps also worked on the EL map, @jmk1999 !

Actually they do, but I was only referring to siptah. That being said, I have one on EL. It only works if you have essence to feed it and the knowledge to build and activate it. My clanmate has that… she deleted her character accidentally and brought over an abandoned lvl 60 after server transfers opened. We use to bring over essence, but now we only got enough for one more purge deferment. It makes for a nice art piece in the town square though.


Try harvesting the migos in the portal to yuggoth encounter, @jmk1999 . They used to give essences, but I’m not sure it wasn’t patched. It’s a hard encounter, if you haven’t done it before, with a beast of a 3 skulls giant migo at the end. Go prepared. I lost a thrall there, but I had no idea what I was getting into. Curiosity killed the cat. In this case it killed the cat’s thrall. :wink: :smile:

All essence dropped was only unstable (green), regardless of the enemy type. Lesser (blue) is needed for deferment. Also, migos don’t even drop lessers on siptah. Tcho tchos are a guaranteed drop typically (which aren’t currently on EL). However, the essence drops have been removed with chapter 2.

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I hope they bring server transfers back. The fact that the mechanic works at the EL map is pretty interesting. I thought the traps simply didn’t do anything, @jmk1999 . It’s cool that they actually work.

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Agreed. It was one of the best reasons for transferring. More control over purges is a definite game changer. Those that want more purges can trigger them. Those that don’t can defer them. Technically, on a dedicated server, this can be used pretty easily as a reward system. However, you’d need a way for your players to gain the knowledge. Not sure how you’d do that since you gotta tag the leyshrine podium on siptah.

Funcom needs to enable server transfers again, @jmk1999 .The main opposition to transfers comes from the pvp crowd (what a shocker :laughing:), but they have two very valid reasons. First, Siptah’s gear and sigils make much stronger. They can address this by making them available on the EL, through vendors. There should be a difficult task to perform to purchase them, so they don’t get devalued. Like, you need to deliver 10 bodies or something like that. Second, the raid and vanish tactic. This is a tougher nut to crack, because cool down times won’t work. They’ll just unload to sleeping alt accounts. So, that one is a bit harder to solve.
But they could allow server transfers on pve.

I think PvE transfers are the way to go. Some people on pvp are too annoyed by it all. Fine, let them not be able to transfer, but give me my option to do so. It should be like this pvp can only transfer to PvE, but can’t transfer back. PvE can freely transfer between other PvE servers. Problem solved.


Completely agree.

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I built my base in the slaveway tunnel and purges have a high chance of just spawning on the indestructible scenery roof and doing nothing. I recommend doing the same with your main base.

That’s on EL. They’re referring to Siptah, since Accursed purges are siptah only… unless I’m mistaken and you’re referring to a siptah location.

Yes, next question.

How do I do that when the purges randomly spawn inside my keep, not my base inside my building, and said purge monsters be as big as my keep. Please tell me how I build to defend against that?

Leveled my base, lost most everything, all my thralls and animals. I left.