Accursed purge off the charts

Check this video! It has a purge in this video, maybe not accursed purge which is way more aggressive, but it may have useful hints to give!
I, like @MarcosC said deal my purges almost alone, i don’t expect my thralls to do it for me! If you play pve place some pvp flags all around your build! It will help you if you die to spawn in your bed with all your gear and continue the purge at once! And like @Bodin said, i love this mechanic and i want it even harder! For me official servers must have the most difficult purge even harder than the ones they have right now and the purge bar never fall, so nobody could avoid purge. Since people don’t understand anything and still build monsters, create a purge equal to the building pieces and bring half of it to the ground! This way maybe people should start play reasonable on official servers and stop build as much as they can! And of course if your build is so huge then the idea of @DelRioServerMaster should rize and god avatars to visit your base… Maybe, or for sure the mindless players will take the memo :man_shrugging:.


No, it’s logical! Simple and logical my dear friend. People should not feel remorse for reporting other players for huge builds! Game mechanics can do the job very easily! Then again there is a big problem with “refreshing”, this would bring solutions to tgis issue too! You want to refresh in a server, it’s ok, just minimize your base and refresh all you wish! Then again, you are a hard core player and you want crazy thrilling feelings in pve, build huge and enjoy your madness :rofl::rofl::rofl:! If you ask me, i would totally build huge just to have an avatar purge :wink:. I had god attacks in pvp and it was awesome! What hurt you the most in pvp, is not that you see your building going down like a carton paper, but your belongings in others possession :angry::laughing:. In pve nobody can possess your belongings so actually there is no reason for you to go upset :man_shrugging:. It’s just sticks and stones, notging else! But the feeling is very thrilling, beautiful, i love god attacks!

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That should happen only when the purge does not have a route to your base. Ie. It should spawn outside your base some distance away and head to a random foundation in your base. If it cannot find a route, it can spawn in weird locations, including inside your base. This is why anticlimb bases built on top of scenery can be problematic.

I dont own isle of siptah so I dont know if there are bugs there.

Wasn’t that sort of base, 3 easy walk ups to it. But I moved south.

Yeah, I was just kidding though… sadly it’s difficult to translate that well in text form. My apologies if it was taken out of context. That was not my intent. You’re a cool guy.

Though I still can’t understand such an insane purge. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I’d cry. :expressionless:


Gonna have to disagree. Purges don’t work well enough to make them unavoidable. I frankly have no desire to have a purge bug out and spawn in my base, even though there is a clear path, and destroy my hard work.

If I get close to the purge threshold, I simply don’t log into the server for a couple days just to avoid broken purges. It’s not that I can’t defend against them, I can and I have. I just don’t care to chance it bugging, which seems to be happening a lot.

And then there’s the small note that there really is no benefit to purges anymore. You don’t need them for special recipe thralls. So it literally just ends up costing you resources.


Well, I went to the Rockslide solo on the EL map.
Guys who know me, also know the kind of fighter I am.
Well, all I can say is be afraid, be very afraid. :laughing:
Tried with a horse. The mechanics still work but the horse will die, at least at that gorge. There’s no room to maneuver and they indeed are shit, as people have been saying. I only used EL gear, but I am not sure Siptah gear and sigils would help all that much. Tried both strenght and agility builds, but to no avail. One time I was really close to finishing it, but my stamina ran out. You know those moments were it takes a while going up again, even if you eat? Well, all it took was one of those.
So, I haven’t yet tested the new thralls against this beast, but for most players, soloing this beast is impossible. So they need thralls. The best they can find.
If this thing comes in a purge, oh boy… You better have many thralls with high armor pen weapons and good armors.
Just a quick word to the devs about this: you guys are just morons or you were high on something when you didn’t see this? You could solo it with a horse. Now? I dare you to solo it. You can’t. Not in real game conditions in the EL map.


I don’t like this either, why should i like something like it?
All i said is crystal clear!

Right now you have the freedom to build as much as you wish until someone will report you, correct?

If someone won’t report you you will be able to keep a monstrosity, or 30 outposts considering that you (not you @Tuffman) own the server! Correct?

If you play something else now you will just log in and refresh this monster and your 30 outposts! Correct?

It all comes down to players vs players! Why a player that chooses to play pve to go vs a player? Speaking of curse for the persons who has difficulties of using the report system! Because some are using it as “abuse” and i do not refer to this kind of players, i do not care about them, they should be treated with ignorance!

If a mechanism existed to make the purge equally difficult, or devastating for monsters and Of curce no way to avoid the purge, then order would exist!

I know that the way this is presented seems harsh, but it is fair @Tuffman! Think about it a little!

Then again, if someone like the hardcore pve, he-she would enjoy this feature!

It’s a game that shelters many playstyles. But in official servers we all agree that order must exists to preserve and shelter all the playstyles!

I am not against builders, i love building more than you can understand or imagine! But not in official servers. In official servers i build only a bit more from what i need!

Yesterday i finished my moving on 8006. I haven’t finished yet but i know that the land claim i have is questionable for official servers!

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Yeah… or allow poison/bleed again. that was a tough boss even before the nerfs.

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The easiest way to win this monster right now is sorcery! You use agility and a really good bow and arrows with high armor pen. You summon your idol, the beast attacks your idol and you kill it with your bow. You must keep the timer for your idol and summon a new one before the other one fades!
I haven’t tried the invisibility yet… I have a lot to learn :man_shrugging:.

It was, but I used to hunt them for sport, on horse. With these new mounts, maybe with food, good leveling, I dunno. I took a lvl 0 horse, with a savage saddle, but it died in two hits. I don’t think even a fully lvled survives the time it takes killing it. I very much doubt. On Siptah, in open space, perhaps. On the EL, hardly.

Why? Killing this beast solo was a macho thing! Cheesing it has no fun.
You can cheese everything you can hurt. I have no interest in that, @stelagel .

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This is not a cheese anymore, this is an option. I mostly made the reference for people who deal problems in rockslide purges! This is a really good option to handle purges and save your base and thralls! Mostly this is the reason of this topic and “this” option must prevail, not the nerf purge option if you are getting me :man_shrugging:.
I know how you fight and i admired you for this @MarcosC :blush:.

It’s cheesing. You hide and use stuff without taking risks. That’s cheesing.
You don’t need fancy sorcery. Just a good bow and enough arrows. You’ll kill it. And that’s cheesing it.
As purge defense… I reckon 5 top tier thralls will do more than enough, if they have top tier maces, perks and armor. But I will have to try.

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Now, what’s that idea of yours about purges being proportional to base size, @stelagel ? I love it! :laughing:

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It’s easier for the plurality of the players and that’s the important part! If you, or me, or a bunch of some players, see this as a cheese and less challenging, it’s our own business! We can always invent ways to make it harder :laughing:. But we must respect the peaceful playstyle in official servers too. Some people don’t like to pve fight as we do! We cannot put tge knife is their throats and this is exactly the misunderstanding i get in here!
I do like challenging gaming!
I do enjoy to do the game harder than it is!
But i do like gardening as well :man_shrugging:.
If the op was using sorcery, this post probably wouldn’t exist!
The reference, the conversation is that the game is not balanced! No it is better than ever, we just need to learn it better, to give time to it before judging it!
@Tuffman again, purges spawning in your base is not a good thing. Ask @MarcosC about it, the purge target the eldarium he brought from Siptah to exile lands and he went furious because it was obviously sneaky hit. Sometimes this game has a way to erase whatever it feels like to do so! This is not a ghost, this is a fact!


I’m not saying people shouldn’t use it, @stelagel ! :laughing: They can cheese the entire content for all I care. Whatever works for them, fine by me. I don’t do it because I find it boring, that’s all.
Purges with that beast should be countered in any way that works, sorcery or otherwise. Better losing demons and zombies than thralls, I guess. Once I’m done with the BP, I’ll build in an area that spawns such purges frequently and see how it goes. I might even try sorcery :wink:.

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Do you remenber our chest of idiot fighters, @stelagel ? Zombies aren’t much different, but they have sky high hp. Still idiots, but very beefy ones!
And yeah, @Tuffman , we had just moved to the jungle when we got a lvl6 lemurian purge spawning inside our base. Four bosses where you could hardly move. It seemed like the entire sunken city had moved in. Lost all the eldarium I had gathered just before they put a lid on transfers. God, was I pissed! Lost most dancers.
Got out a fully leveled Spinas, in top tier armor, just in time. He nearly kicked the bucket. Our luck was that our guards were zerkers and RHTS, level 20. We lost one or two benches, but nothing very serious. It was the most stressful purge I ever faced. But back then thralls were something else. They could endure a very hard fight and come on top. Now it’s a bit harder, but they can be decent still.

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Interestingly, zombies are still affected by poison. For some reason…

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