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Hey peeps,

​So, I don’t have time to play the game much. Most of my free time that normally would be spent on gaming, is spent on Modding instead (My workshop can be found here, for those interested). It sounds silly, but that’s basically what I do. Almost all of my Conan Exiles knowledge has come from other people’s post, Funcom posts, newsletters, and videos, and working in the dev kit a stupid amount of hours.

Now that you know my life story, I need your help. I’m finishing up on a mod project right now, and the next thing I want to do is to create a mod that makes tier 6 Purges more difficult. What I’m hoping is, could people post their experiences with the various Purges that they have seen?

Now I’ve been studying the data tables carefully, going line by line, making sure I understand what it’s supposed to be doing. But what it’s supposed to be doing, versus what people experience are often two totally different things. Not only that, but much of how the Purge works is still hidden away in the dev kit, or isn’t available because it’s written in C++ (which Unreal doesn’t support for it’s modding dev kits as a whole).

Basically, I need as much detailed information as people can provide of the following (Note: Console players can also provide feedback, though my mod obviously won’t help you or impact you, your insight could still be very valuable):

  1. How challenging have the purges been for you when you set the to difficulty 6?

  2. Is this solo or on a server with friends?

  3. What area of the map are you in?

  4. If you have multiple bases, does the purge attack different bases? (Note: I’ve been told this feature only works on a server but not on Single Player)

  5. When the Purge does attack, is it always in the same spot, or does it attack a different part of your base?

  6. What’s the hardest Purge enemy faced so far?

  7. What’s the easiest Purge enemy faced so far?

  8. If you have had one base that you have been slowly building up over time, has the Purge gotten more and more difficult or stayed the same?

  9. What would you like to see in a scaled up difficulty Purge mod?

What I don’t need is:

  1. A comment telling me the Purge is broken and doesn’t work for you at all. I know, I’m aware that the Purge isn’t where Funcom want’s it to be. They have admitted this themselves, as recently as a few days ago in a Youtube video interview. I know it sucks, but I can’t do anything about that though.

As for the mod itself, I have several plans on what I plan to do with it, but some of it could or will change based on the feedback provided here.

Thank you in advance and your time.


PC PVE multi + SP
Note that i have experienced something around 10 legit purges and about 5 purges triggered through admin commands (in every single biome of the map except the volcano).

It’s been a long time that i didn’t get purged by a lvl 6 and there is a good reason for it, as this was the worst purge experience ever and it was about 3 or 4 months ago after the official release of the game. Since then i have been testing purges from lvl 3 to lvl 5. i should give lvl 6 purges an other shot though.

Currently my purge lvl is set to 4 or 5 (will check next time i’m ingame).
last time i was hit by a lvl 6 purge it was on an online PVE server and i faced it alone since my teamate was not there.

It was near the forgotten tribe HQ.
The ennemies were only wildlife (hordes of mammoths/ frost giants and a few sabertooth + 2 frost giants bosses)
i was not well prepared for it i have to admit. I had only 5 fighters lvl 4 from the forgotten tribe and only 1 tier 3 archer from the volcano (all pretty well equiped with starmetal gear). No walls, nothing…
BUT i trully believe it wouldn’t have mattered at all if i had had 20 or 30 thralls lvl 4 with the same base setting. i was really overwhelmed by mammoths and mammoths are the plague of thralls, the first wave was hardly half way dealt with that the second wave was already hitting and so on untill i couldn’t see my character anymore in the mass of pachyderms.
The only way i would have been able to deal with this purge is to have had 3 wall layers with some archers on the third one behind the 2 first walls (fighters are useless against mammoths, but are great against frost giants if they decide to work properly).
Second solution would have been to have at least 6 or 7 teamates (because if you don’t hold the aggro of all ennemies your buildings will suffer the consequences and if you don’t have the good DPS true players can dish out you’ll be overwhelmed by the numbers no matter what, that’s when a “luring” wall can come in handy).
i have killed several dozens of mamoths and about the same amount of frost giants and about 20 sabbertooths during this purge.
My girls took care of the first frost giant boss and some regular frost giants as well before going down. At the begining of the second wave all of them died. and if i recall correctly i received something like 12 waves (i think my purge duration was set to either 45 min or 60 min) with one boss during the first wave and an other one for the last wave. Fortunately this boss is not that hard to handle.

It can target a different base from your last purge location. MOST of the times if not always, it will target the base where your bed is activated (EVEN IN SP) it still needs to be proved though, but i really think it’s true.
I have NEVER experienced a simultaneous multi locations purge in case this was your question.

The purge can attack from the same spot (from 1 spawn point only) but it’s pretty rare. In most cases it will hit from 2 or even 3 different angles. Normally you should be able to spot the wave of ennemy coming from pretty far away, BUT NOT ALWAYS : during this frozen purge that was happening near the cimmerians HQ, there was only 1 spawn point and it was about 50 meters aways from my first buildings (normally the spawn point is more about 100 meters away from your base, sometimes even more, depends on the map location).

Eventhough i didn’t get a legit undead dragon spawn during my purges i have already done enough testing sessions to safely say it’s by far the hardest ennemy to deal with FOR THRALLS, only archers can find its hitbox and it’s not consistent.
i have heard from others that the “true” spider queen (not the demon spider) can be hard too.

easiest purge was either hyenas/ werehyenas near the black galleon or the black hands NPCS near the black galleon and in the swungle as well. (they can spawn in both biomes). i have never experienced a purge near the noob area (with imps) but this one must be the easiest one.

i believe it’s the same.

  • a possibility to toggle on/ off the spawn of worldbosses

  • make NPCS purges happen more frequently (currently it’s happening about 30% of the time from my experience)

  • the purge difficulty (amount and dangerosity of mobs) should also scale to the size of the clan and more precisely to the number of online clan mates…good luck with that !

The purge is not BROKEN for me, the main problem is that :

  • It can happen offline , and eventhough there is a good reason for that it can be frustrating and not fun at all with the current state of the AI.

  • it can spawn worldbosses even at lower purge level settings

  • the purge meter fills up too slowly imo and it’s hard to notice which actions make it go up faster or slower

  • once your purge meter is full you can never be sure a purge will hit you right away, most of the times you’ll have to leave your base and come back later on to let it trigger, and even then it can still not trigger, which makes it very unpredictable and can ruin your gaming plans because everyone wants to be there when it happens (or at least for the first purges you will experience)

Hope you ve got some answers here and that my post was understandable enough.

Good luck with your mod !

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Hey there, I’m on PS4 so not sure how useful this will be for you.

  1. Official PVE server, from what I’ve read, it’s lvl 6. Purges are too easy until you hit the boss monster at the end, Scorpion King and Bone Dragon are a pain in the butt to solo. I just drop a couple of berserkers in heavy armour and sit back and enjoy the show.
  2. Solo.
  3. Multiple bases, main is just west of New Asagarth, starting base North West of Hand of the Maker, slave wheels on foundations at Sepermeru, Buccaneers Bay, Random thrall spawn and volcano obelisk. Also built a wall at Sep obelisk to prevent a clan blocking it.
  4. Have had purges at main base, starter base, volcano obelisk, Sepermeru and Sep obelisk wall.
  5. Only main base has been purged more than once, attack came from same direction every time.
  6. Bone Dragon at end of undead spawn at main base. Only ever get undead purge at this location.
  7. Votaries of Skelos at volcano, no boss monster in last wave. Just a bunch of naked hippies.
  8. Purge is always the same, no change. Undead in the highlands, votaries at volcano, skorpions everywhere else.
  9. Variety. I’m PS4 like I said and won’t get to use your mods unfortunately. But if I could, variety is the key.

Probably worth noting that in every purge, enemies make a bee line straight for the map room first then the wheel of pain. They will ignore everything in preference of these two tasty targets.


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