Watch my base get obliterated!

As Illidan said “You are not prepared!”

*Sorry mic audio is very quiet in this video


Thanks for sharing your video and experience. Yeah, I couldn’t hear your speaking, but the game audio played just fine.

I noticed you were playing on the Cruel Days Dark Nights PvP server using the “Severe Purge PvE” mod and “Dangerous Animals PvE” mod. That server looked very appealing, except for the PvP part. If it was a PvE server, I’d join. But I’m using the same mod in Single Player and its really challenging. It would probably be more fun with a clan.

But yes, the first time a purge hit my T2 base, I had similar results. Just about wiped me out. And I’ve been using Purge level 6, but only 20 minutes in time length.

Yeah that was purge level 3!

I am the server admin, I tested it out on 6 before opening the server to the public and felt it was a little hardcore… I haven’t really had that many takers (players) sign up for the server to be honest…

If it stays quiet I may change it to a PVE server to see if I get more players. With a clan things would get somewhat easier I agree.

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My purge metter is buged since months (official server)…=/
Purge are cool I want purges on my base.
Your purge was hard =p
You need beter thralls, like berserkers maybe, with good stuff.
Human thralls are beter than pets if you stuff them.

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Server admin? Nice. I didn’t make the connection before. I just remember taking a long, hard look at the server description, the mods listed, and server settings. Very tempting. Not sure how my ping would register given the distance though, but the description sounded really appealing.

Working through something similar in single player, I have found a few other mods quiet helpful. Have you considered trying:

For improved base development:
Less Building Placement Restrictions - Overlaps Edition
Less Building Placement Restrictions - Additional Improvements Add-On

For more defenders per section:
Thrall Radius

For higher level characters against such Purges (a bit higher than level 100)
Kerzards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh

Keeps Warpaint functional:
Sticky Warpaint

Keeps the UI from covering the whole monitor (especially on a new discovery):

CharEditLite <-- change thrall/character face/body appearance
Fashionist <-- change armor appearance

Personal Preference:
Just No Rain Only <-- lets the North and Jungle be less constantly wet (keeps snow and ash, though)

I’ve had three Purges now in single player. The second Purge was sent to my back door just like the first (only the bandits brought a dragon with them). That was nasty. The third Purge was a two-pronged attack (and they brought a dragon with them again). I’m still taking some significant damage with T3 defenses, but the severe purges really do make it challenging and fun.

I’ve played with most of those mods on other servers and tried some on mine, I settled with current selections due they seemed to be playing nice together as some of the other selections did not…

LBPR mods are great - didn’t include them as with PVP & Raiding seemed unnecessary

PermPaint is the same as Sticky Warpaint I believe

Charedit & Fashionist - was just a personal choice, you can edit toons with Pippi mod

I like the rain, :slight_smile:

The others seem pretty good thou haven’t played with them.

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Really? I’ve never tried PermPaint. But yes, that’s an effect that seems worth keeping in the game (before FC patched it out).

Haven’t had much success editing toons with Pippi mod, but then, I’ve only barely used it (mostly for just warping home [“fast travel”]).

Really? It rains way, way too much for my liking. But, to each, their own. :slight_smile:

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