What say you FUNCOM to this?

PVP SER 1877-

I log in this morning and last night I got purged at some point, if you have Thralls they are absolutely ineffective against the massive power of a purge, I had Black is reinforced fence foundations 9 walls THICK 12 levels high, and half my base was destroyed right to the core.

FUNCOM, I have a serious question: How can you defend your base when you are NOT on-line and your THRALLS are like KITES in a HURRICANE in effectiveness against the PURGE??

I really want to quit this game, it’s so FRUSTRATING, to rebuild my base is probably 40 hours worth of work and farming, FOR WHAT? Another BS purge where regardless of what I do if I am not on-line my base is defenseless because thralls are worthless and abolutley ineffective to the onslaught of a purge?

This a is Joke, how can you retain customers like this, I am a customer no? I bought your product , it’'s defective and needs fixing.

This is unsustainable, another thing after the patch I log in and one of my CHEST is missing with all my UBER gear, your bugs are unsustainable to support the growth of your product, FIX IT!!!

What Say you FUNCOM??


I agree, an official statement should be forthcoming.

Yes it should, but i bet you they just duck their heads and come back with yet another new broken patch.


Same happent to me and its sucks i spend all my materials i end my tier 3 base and today nothing was there…

im about to give my places to some friends and i never play a Puncom Game this is not a Company they are amateurs…


Hmmm maybe they should keep the purges broken, this doesn’t sound like fun at all.

I agree with your sentiment entirely, but to be devil’s advocate have to point out that there is a Purge setting that defines how many people in a clan must be online for a purge to happen. It might be as easy as having FC change this to something > 0 on Official servers, and/or looking for a Private server that’s done this already.

Again, just devil’s advocate, as I agree with your sentiment and appreciate your frustration entirely.

@Tascha can you please help us?

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That setting is how many people on the server need to be online, not players in the clan. My friends and I have a four person dedicated server, and we’ve been purged plenty of times while offline even though none of us are in a clan.

We ended up turning purge difficulty down to 2 because combat during purges is too laggy. There’s no winning against 8 mobs solo when they teleport to you or trap you by surrounding you. And if you die, bye bye base. I lost a large chest full of iron, many thralls, about eleventy billion leather, and many weapons to this worthless system.

My advice is to just turn this crap off until combat lag is fixed. And even then, turn difficulty down substantially. Single players have one hell of a time defending against a purge, and the stakes are hours of gameplay.

this is why i never play on official Servers.
We rent a Server and make our own Rules for the Purge.
We r five People and the most time r just 3 or 4 Online.
So i have changed it to minimal 2 Online and Purge comes between 18:00 and 00:00.
So what will i say… it works

PS and ur right.
The Thralls needs a fix because there r useless.
btw i cant understand why there is a 500+ fix because its to much.
Concentrate on the really hard bugs and fix em step by step
500 makes all outer Control

Let me bet that they will say:

  • we understand your frustration
  • we are aware of the issue
  • we will fix it one day, but it might be a day from the next year, as we are busy to create DLC
  • we are small, poor team and we need “some” time to fix it, as “none of us see that coming”
  • again - we understand you
  • we have an idea for paid service, where you can slow down/remove part of your purge meter

Here’s some basic advice for you… Don’t build in a spot on flat open ground.

Yes the purge is broken… but you aren’t helping yourself at all by building in a very easy to get to spot.

Try building your base up on a pillar, a cliff edge, or even a tree.

And the Funcom team are on holidays/vacation, that the excuse you will get that it wont be fixed too quickly.

A base with 12 high walls means nothing. if you placed archers on top they neither have range or LOS.

And the advice on building an inaccessible location isn’t good, unless you want the spawn inside your base purge :wink:

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If you build in an unreachable spot, they will spawn inside the house.

This isn’t how I understood it to work.
I understood the rules to be:

0 = Purges meant to happen to any player or clan whether they are online or not
1 = You get purged if at least 1 member of your clan IS online
1 = If you’re NOT in a clan, but online, you are up for being purged as a single player, when online only
2 = Two members of a clan need to be online for the possibility of a purge
2 = Single players wouldn’t get purged ever

0,1,2, etc has nothing to do with how many other players are active on the server.

Is this not the case?

The purge doesn’t work correctly, thats for sure.

We had our private server set to 0 = Our base was always hit by a purge when we were off-line. We changed it to No.1, now my clan (7 members with 1-4 online normally) have not seen a purge for over 3 weeks and our purge progress bar is at 100%.

Other players on the server, not in clans, have been getting purges whilst they are online.

I’d like to have a setting which says what level a player must be at before they are up for being purged, say, not be purged below level 15 for example. If in a clan, the highest level member in the clan is the one that’s counted.

nothing has to do with the purge in my case i build the thing again with tier 1 pieces and next day nothing was there.There has to be something with foundations or collums…

The purge system is sort of a lottery. The server sets “purges per day”, and up to that number of purges will happen during purge time.

When a purge happens, a random player/clan is selected from the pool of purge-eligible players. Preference is given to players with higher purge meter ratings. Think of it like RNG, except where a player with 75% purge meter might get a purge on a roll of 26, a player with 100% purge meter might get a purge on anything from 32-56.

By default, 24 of these purges happen each day. This setting is configurable. But the important point is there is a limit. If other players are filling their purge meters often (I find it’s pretty fast to fill it on default settings), your clan might just be “winning” the RNG lottery.

This system is kind of crappy because it creates a serious disadvantage for solo players. And I don’t mean the kind of disadvantage that solo players might face around tackling optional content. I mean that purges threaten core progression–all the items and materials you’ve managed to gather. And difficulty doesn’t scale with number of players present or even number of players online. Frustratingly, the setting to require a certain number of users online doesn’t even require the players to be in your clan. You can be purged while offline. You likely will be if you play long enough or on a small server.

This means the choice for server admins is basically make purges stupid easy for groups of people and manageable for solo people or to make them super difficult for solo people and challenging for groups. It also means that solo players on servers that pick the “super difficult for solo” option will see players quitting the game entirely when their main bases get destroyed because they’re (rightly) upset they lost so much time to a freaking offline raid by NPCs. It’s like I said before, this is little more than FunCom’s way of griefing players.

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The two most important, AND fundamental aspects of this game are thralls and the purge. And both are broken beyond belief. If they don’t fix these two things soon they will lost many players, including me. And the original post is just one of the many reasons why.

There are certain locations where there is no benefit to building at all. When the Purge hits there, it’s only bad guys and never anything you’d want to keep. Example: Icespire Chasm, big cave with chimney. On my Launch Server I was purged three times by Silent Legion, who systematically busted down my palisades until they started chewing through my gates. Four Nord fighters with blades, four Nords with bows and me, plus palisades.

By the third Purge, I had them dead to rights – even during a human raid that I was fighting all the way down the map at Asagard, my 30 T3 Nord fighters/Archers in the cave repelled all Legion waves. This is pre-MOAP, where T3 Nord Archers have 1500 HP. When The Purge works, it makes a solo player reconsider his playstyle. I’ll never build in that chasm again.

Yep, thats what I understand is meant to happen.