My neighbour just got purged :(

This is what happens when you dont secure your base with thralls and some defenses. Hes not gonna be happy next time he logs :smiley:

And don’t think building a base up high where enemies can’t climb up to get your base will be defense enough… the Exiled lands are a place of foul sorcery and enemies can appear anywhere. (In other-words enemies can and will magically teleport up into your base if there is no other way to attack it.)

Doesn’t help on PC that thralls won’t attack anything and wooden palisades are having issues being placed. So what can you do about being purged, but be online right when it happens…


I had that happen to me when i was offline… Lucky for me they went for the structure i was building and left my chests and benches in the crafting hall alone. It was my first day on that server and already had everything in t2 as I wanted to prevent the upgrade bug from sandstone foundations. Funny thing, It was in almost the exact same location as the OP’s screenshot lol.

I can see this broken and ill conceived purge system driving more people away than all the other bugs combined. Why would you take a really promising looking game then ruin it like this? A system that systematically destroys things players have built should be nowhere near live servers till it’s been thoroughly tested.

It just simply not attack any ones base unless they are online.

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That close to the border and resources and no black-ice? Their own fault, really.

Im exclusivly making it in khitai style :slight_smile:
Just about to upgrade my foundation

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Well at least they have purges on the server. 1940 PVE-C still doesn’t get purges. Which means no legendary repair kits, black dye, white dye etc. I actually look forward to a purge, would love to fight waves of mobs coming in to my base. If I’m not online I’m ok with that as well, as long as they fix the thralls/pallisades bug for defending.

We get purges on my server, but I am still waiting for the White/Black Dye alchemist! So far just a Taskmaster and Archer, and I accidentally killed a fighter :frowning:

Because we like a challenge, too much order needs to breed chaos. Conan has it’s many bugs personally I’m having a grand time with this game :slight_smile:

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Don’t think thralls will help. And putting down pallisades is a real pain now. But, that’s ok. Purges are still on.

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