Anti-purge base help

As my group dwindles in activity, it becomes harder to face incoming purges. Last night, I mainly survived because the gorillas focused on my fish traps, giving me time to clear those on the opposite side.

I know if i build on an island or clifftop, I may face undead inside my base. However, what if I build atop a cliff but have a grand staircase/entrance at ground level that NPCs can reach? Would I only have to defend that area?

Do wall palasades help during a purge? Thralls seem bugged at the moment and only attack enemies who attack me, not those pounding on my base walls. With palasades, hopefully I can stall the enemies.

Any other anti-purge base building tips?

palasades got nerfed thay do little to no damage now and thats even if you can place them because thats something else funcom borked.
Build on water make a gate on land place 2-3 doors there and have lift ax to your base the purge will spawn and attack whats built on land the purge will not/cant swim out to you

Kill them with gas orbs

Yep gas orbs and seige defenses like boiling oil.

Why are you afraid of Purges? They simply dont happen. I havent seen a Purge in nearly 2 months.

They do happen, I play on a official server and I assisted a server-mate with his Frost Giant attack - they came in many waves. We overcame them only to lose many thralls. Not much damage other than that. There were 3-4 players actively defending.

Did you not read where OP was actively fighting a purge too?

Lucky you then, I used to be a -very- active player. Purges are the only thing to do once you hit lvl 60. Since I never get one I basically abandoned the game already. Good job keeping your playerbase, Funcom!

LOL. They happen to people. Maybe not to you. I’ve seen plenty of them. I’ve also seen what happens to people’s bases when they aren’t prepared for one.

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This is a private owned server and we see consistent purges. As our clan mates drop off, i am starting to defend alone. So one base I can defend would be best. This way, i csn enjoy the game, maintain a base, and be ready when people return when new content (such as the pet religion) is releases.

And yes gas orbs and boiling oil may be nice, but that doesn’t help if I am purged while offline which has happened in the past.

So I want a base that can be easily defend and would face a minimum disruption if purges while I was offline. The base in water with a bridge to land sounds good. However, i was hoping to relocate to an area I have not explored as much. There is not as much open water, so was hoping to know if a cliff side or top base with a ground level entrance worked similarly.

I was also curios about sacrificial defenses. As I said, in my last purge the fish traps stalled the enemies on one side of my base, giving me time. If I could use palasades or even crap foundations and fencing, that would be a help.

If your thrals are working (attacking) in your server you can give each one a gas orb and a set mask/or sandstorm mask and thay will gas anything comeing close to them.
But thralls dont work on the 7/10 servers i was playing on

Thralls are working intermittently on the private server I play on. It seems that they’re randomly blind to anything that doesn’t actually attack them. I put mine up on a T3 wall and gave them a gas orb and a mask each. Just have to wait and see what happens… Haven’t actually had it tested yet… the purge has hit elsewhere every time so far.

During my last purge, the thralls did the bare minimum. If I was attacked, the thralls were very effective at killing my attackers. However, if an enemy attacked by base’ s wall, the thralls just watched. It was a bit disheartening because I had a good collection of named T4 fighters all in heavy armor wielding desent spears.

Hence one more reason i want to limit my exposed area.

My speculation is that it will depend upon what direction the purge waves want to spawn from and if the game decides that your connection to land is within view/detection of the intended spawn point. As you said … the gorillas attacked from more than one direction and got easily distracted by placeables in their way.

Possibly test this with connection to ground on two or four sides and when you can see if they have set directions where they spawn destroy the unnecessary ones.

Another player made a thread complaining that he got undead spawning in his base when it was build against a cliff face dispite ensuring a lot of ground access to most of his base … so I can only guess one of the spawn locations the game picked was to attack the side against the cliff and as no access by land …boom…internal undead spawns

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