Base advice to survive purge better

I have a massive base in the desert next to the metra shrine I mean big I have a pyramid all teir three alters an a huge work house for thralls an storage so I built a massive two foundation thick wall all made out of teir three around it put fence piece three block high an palisades an small palisades all around it an the purge still walks right though it any suggestions keep getting hit with dragons an undead hordes during purges

Tier 4 Thralls. {Lots of them.} Equip them with end game items. (Flawless Star metal) or modified legendary weapons.

Thralls can endure quite a bit, and dish out a lot of damage if there are 10 melee warriors in the area. Even a dragon won’t stand up well to heavily geared thralls with top tier weapons, and a few archers to boot.

Decoys. Consider building a couple “outside” structures whos main purpose it is to draw the attention of a purge. Meanwhile your archers soften up the targets. Think of an “Obelisk”, maybe a public/fortified large well.

Add fence foundations to your foundation walls. I think, (don’t quote me) that you can do Fence[Foundation]Fence[Foundation]Fence. And those fence foundations can be quite a bonus to defensive structure HP. Palisades are nice but may not go well with your bases “look”.

Of course, you could build your base in a place that is difficult for the purge to reach, such as on a plateau.

Purge zones matter as well, as the purges are much more intense farther north.

Don’t forget animal companions. I, for example, currently have three rhino’s sitting at the entrance of my base.

I just acquired a Greater Rhino last night, named him Tiny. I will likely end up with a couple more to replace my regular rhinos.

Well, one problem is that, from your description, you have built in a place that is accessible on all four sides. Meaning, attacks can come from all four sides. You really want locations that minimize approach vectors – one way in or out is usually best.

So apart from ‘moving’ to a new location and starting over, you should look for ways to channel attacks into choke points. Use palisades, not to prevent attacks, but to ‘channel’ attacks into specific avenues (ie. choke points). Funnel your attackers to where you want them (literally ‘funnel’ – large opening far away, down to a single foundation width into your ‘base area’).

At those funnel entry points, construct them like an alley and line them with Tier 4 Archer thralls (about one foundation high). At the point where the funnels end, place your ground fighters (like Tier 4 Fighters or Greater Rhinos or whatever – their job is to plug the alley while the archers take out the attackers).

And if you really want to get ‘nasty’, line the alleys with explosive traps, equip your thralls with Sandstorm masks, and give them all (archers and fighters), gas orbs. They will make quick work of whatever dares threaten your base.

There’s more you can do, but without seeing your base, those are some basic strategies that you may find helpful (or even help you develop some new ideas for protecting your base).

Thanks for the tips guys gonna try that I’ve tried the distraction buildings put archer on top to pull Agro from enemies the explosives traps don’t seem to do much to the dragons I guess I’m gonna have to get more thralls outfit them better I got about twenty now I got five wolves an three rhinos now to help out but the last two purges I almost lost a safe full of spitfire an almost all of my camp it seems like where I’m at I always get like a super strong purge

What purge? There are no purges at this moment. Purge meter is bugged and it seems they don’t care to fix it.
People are leaving the official servers because there are no purges.

Ok now I’m speaking of the last five that have happened all five of the last purges were like all dragons or undead dragon or demons like max strength purge just looking for ideas to help defense wise last five purges almost cost me my whole camp figure if it’s broke now bows a good time to improve on defense funcom a working on it in sure

Ive played since release an EA, since purge has been released ive had 1 purge of wolves while online an a few offline ones, prob one every 6 weeks.

Damn guess I just picked the worst spot to setup I’ve got two teir 3 foundation block walls around my camp an then two rows of pallasades an another row of teir 3 foundation all the way around that an the purge still gets in lmao

Walls won’t stop the Purge, at best it’ll delay it. They chew through even T3 buildings like paper. So Thralls (or Pets) is the only thing that’ll stop them. Sixty foot walls, with archers on top? Not gonna do a thing. The archers won’t fire (too far away / can’t see), and the walls will crumble in a pretty short amount of time.

I did build an outer perimeter wall, for my own immersion/satisfaction, but as a Purge deterrent it’s fairly useless.

Okay good to know okay I guess I can remove the pallasades from inbetween my walls just fill it with fighter thralls si when purge punch a hole in my outside wall they can flood them in a small area find of a bottleneck no matter where they wanna hit

Go crazy with fence foundations, remember you can cross them, too, so you can make some really dense areas of defense.

Also don’t forget to PROPERLY outfit your thralls - this means top tier heavy armor and a variety of weapons (apply those debuffs - get them bleeding, sundered, etc).

Use T3 or T4 thralls from the Mounds or Volcano, etc.

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