Purge Advice for a noob

Hi, fairly new, been playing single player mostly. I got a real bad purge where I got hit by StoneNoses and on one attack there were 4 huge blue white monsters that completely trashed my base. These things were about 3-4 stories high! I had to run off and came back when they seemed to have died by themselves. I harvested them and they gave ice and black ice.

Now my question is, how can I protect myself from this level of attack? I lost a huge stock of pets as well :frowning:

Rocknose purge is a bit of pain …
U need to adapt ur build…
Build some foundations on a cliffside(not on top), make a storage place and connect it to the ground with foundations… at the base (ground level, build some stuff (preferably a shrine -one that u will not upgrade), and some other buildings. Purge will see the lower area of ur build as the one with a clear path and will spawn there… in order to seperate huge monsters (rocknoses/dragons/sand reapers) a great idea would be to build additional cosmetic obly builds (like a circle of foundations raised at least half size from ground-around 2 rows should be ok , in order to delay purge or seperate the monsters .
Always easier to fight em one by one…
Also now u had a purge, and u know where they come from, so re inforce this part a bit more with thralls/defences…
And try to upgrade ur buildings asap… t3 has a huge difference in resilience to t1…


Follow all suggestions from @Ragnaguard but also:

  • Fighters and pets are in the game for this purpose, heroic dying while defending your base. Don’t be afraid of using them, produce a good number of them.

  • Using palisades and fences could help your defenders in limiting the devastation.

  • Not all areas of the map have the same chance of getting real bad purges like the one you suffered. Check here https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge what you have to expect in the area you have your base.

And… well I feel your pain mate, where I live a bridge collapsed last year, we built a copy in game to commemorate, one week later a purge of demons totally destroyed it. :disappointed_relieved:

But we rebuilt and defended it from over 40 purges in the last 6 months, we’ve submitted it to building contest in April, so don’t be upset and hold on :slightly_smiling_face:


sorry to hear about the bridge, Genoa?

thanks for the top tips.

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Yes. Not a lucky city to live in these years, but I love it.

You are the most powerful defense against a purge. Gear up a thrall and have them follow you out to intercept those big b@starz.

But yes, these people are right as well, thralls/tames and how you build can be defense methods that buy you time to finish the job. If you raise just 5 tames a day for a weekish (probably average purge break) then losing 30 minor and 5 major tames wouldn’t be a setback. Be careful about using tames for purge defense because there isn’t a non-lethal option for them except try and move them far far away. Thralls can be given a truncheon when your not fighting beasts. Plus a fully geared thrall will slaughter a tame so I especially view them as disposable. Personally, I keep a cupboard of truncheons by the door so I can swap out weapons during the warning if needed and I don’t miss out on named thralls.

@Clanpred if your getting blue and white monsters I can only assume you are close to the snow tops.
Tier 3 buildings are highly advised. At least for your main building.
Also stick barricades are good as well they cause bleeding

I would suggest Thralls over pets because you can give them better armor and weaponry. Pets are what they are and it’s good to have a mix but a thrall will deal more damage and withstand more damage then most pets. T3 or Named fighters can even the playing field. Also doing your best to thing the heard before they reach your base is a solid strategy.

I was purged by ice rocknose at a base near the black galleon in desert sands.

Added: It was quite nice to have ice brought to me for harvesting

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