Insanely difficult purge in t3 area please advise

Can anyone please help or explain the purge to me. We are in a t3/4 area (the river near the arena pink teleport stone) and get rock nose purges twice a week. They are just obliterating us. We are getting waves and waves of huge giant ones that are destroying 3 thick teir 3 foundations. I have put about 50 elephants and rhino along with all the other various animals and I’ve now put t3/4 archers along the walls and they are still getting slaughtered. Meanwhile everyone around us don’t seem to get anything. Am I making it worse adding to my base to ry and save it? Can anyone recommend a really indeoh guide please I am at my wits end

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Welcome to the community @WhiteOwlCirce

If you haven’t yet I would recommend reading the wiki page about the purge.

An avalanche of rockslides is pretty brutal. The location where your base is makes you eligible for that type of purge so expect more in that area.

Elephants are terrible fighters you can rely on them for defense. Pets in general all have special abilities which when stacked together can be good defense.

However you will have the best luck in defending your base with well equip thralls. Good armor and weapons are a must. Named thralls are the strongest so I would recommend looking for them. A Cimmerian Berserker with good gear is going to put perform any pet you have guarding.

Lastly if you don’t want rocknose purges you’ll need to move your base.

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much for the reply. Yep I had a selection if animals but mainly elephants since they can take a lot of dmg but will listen to your advice and have more of a mix. Most of my thrall where archers lvl3 and named but few melee so I assume the same advice for pets apply to the thrall. I made sure to gear them in flawless armor and weapons. I did wonder if it was the location, guess I’m moving as I’m fed up with bug mutant rock noses. Looking at the savanna area… There’s no mutant 10ft rhino’s I need to be aware of is there ;). Once again thanks for your advice =3

I want to recommend using slaves from a nameless city. In my opinion they are one of the strongest fighters in the game. So, catch as many “treasure hunters from relic hunters” as possible, equip them with the best armor and weapons, place them around the perimeter and don’t worry anymore about cleaning. You can also make more skillets in particular raised monsters. They are done pretty quickly especially with a nominal or skilled alchemist. In addition, in the bps camp “place of call”, the Darfarian healer often appears; he is precisely a skilled alchemist, plus he will provide an opportunity to prepare white and black paint.
As for animals, it is better to take fighting types of tigers, jaguars, scorpions, wolves to protect the base and raise them in a fortified pen (t3) on tvetseve so the chance that a large and strong animal will grow, much higher.
Well, to sum up, during the cleaning, have on yourself good armor and weapons and do not go into battle ahead of your slaves. Remember you support your slaves and they tanks.
I wish you a nice game and good luck with the next clean :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the reply. What are skillet monsters… Is this the undead pets that I’ve just unlocked in the alchemy table? I will go on the hunt for some relic hunters (and berserker) today. Thank you for all the information and tips. I am going to start the very very process of demolishing and rebuilding in a new location. Will reducing my base size reduce the size/nm rate of the purge?

Yes, this undead in the alchemical pot. Talent medicine man, gets heads of skeletons
large lizards (well, they are similar to them), they have the largest stock of health. I think it will not greatly affect the speed of cleaning, although if you move the base to another area, the cleaning will be weaker.
I know for sure that if the base is built in balts, then during the cleaning, giant snakes will fall. If built not far from the mounds, then yeti can come.
The simplest cleansing is at the very beginning on a large river not far from the destroyed Darogi.
Here are some screenshots


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Ah excellent thank you. I am building next to the grassy area just down from the set priest. There is no rocknoses so fingers crossed it will be easier purge monsters =3

Good luck and enjoy the game, if you have more questions, ask. :slight_smile:

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Before you build. I have a friend with a base in that “exact spot” he get rocknose purges at that location.


Oh dear god I’ve only just seen this. I hope not otherwise I think it will break me and I will quit the game! There is no rocknoses near us just hyenas and rhino’s /elephants/tigers. We have built all t2 except t2 walls since people with massive complexes around us seem to have the same and I don’t see any dmg. I’m wondering if we had so many boss rocknoses and the 5 foundation high ones because we had so many t3 walls. No one around us seems to have any and survive just fine.

Many thanks

I hope you don’t. But wouldn’t be surprised if you do see the rocknose purge there.

If you can build your base elevated 3 or more foundations high onto a cliff or steep hill. Then build it down to the ground from there. I was being demolished by giant scorpion purges south of sepemaru but because my important stuff was up higher than the ground level I didnt loose too much.

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My friend built in that area east of the set priest and got a spider purge and I’ve seen a base that was built below the set priest by the river crossroads and got a hyena purge saw the place get smashed when the werehyenas came in but the base was built with sandstone so yeah

Also expand a bit ur base… Build small t 3 builds 4*4 t3 should be fine with nothing more inside apart from a brazzier maybe. . Build em in a small distance around ur base… i call em purgecatchers… Will occuppy purge and give u time to react, helping in both keeping ur main base safe, but also isolating small groups to kill em


the Avalanche of Rocknoses…

I fought those stony buggers for 30 minutes, thought I had made it through… then Rockslide came in and made short work of my remaining guards and most of the base i had built.

good times.

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Close to your main base put up a secondary section of smaller structures. In my experience the rocknoses will go to that location. I put these around my central base. Then I join them with some fencing where the rocknoses usually spawn from. They will spend time hacking at that stuff instead of getting to your main base. I put some archers.

Also. Pointy sticks and pointy stick fencez work well.

And for the love of Pete!!! Poison gas the entire swarm. Drop the elephants. Get a ton of thralls. Even not leveled up they will defend better than any animal.

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Also put a thrall pot down and when you get your 10 minute warning of purge throw gruel in the thrall pot it will heal your thralls if they take damage from purge

You can give your thralls orbs to throw at them.

Just remember thralls are stupid.

This was from july, how was’nt it closed, either way the rocknose purge was bugged back then. Probabaly what hit the OP. = 6 Avalanche at the same time!!! I had the same, Back then only Vathis saved me. The rest did’nt stand a chance…

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