Survived my first purge, but

I guess I did not understand the mechanics with purges. I build my base just south of the King Rhino, more specifically, on the flat area south of the two rhinos near the King Rhino, very close to Sepermeru. I build a pyramid with a foundation based fence all around the base and the animal area. It is not a huge complex but it is not small. There is a gate facing north, towards Sepermeru, where I can see the King Rhino. I did not build up to any rocks or block any access along any of the perimeters. I camped archers for a very long time to put archer thralls along the fence so if I was fighting the purge at the gate, the archers would hopefully shoot any attackers that approach from the rear. When the purge was announced and it was going to my pyramid base, I place my melee fighters in front of the gate. In the animal complex where two Shalebacks (one greater), one hyenna, one bear, one camel (lvl 12), and one rhino and four horses.

Sadly, all the purges spawned inside my base. I received a scorpion purge. The humans all spawned on my archer platforms. The scorpions all spawned near the pen. I was out front. Stupid me. The animals easily handled the first two waves. The third wave killed the camel. The fourth wave killed the bear. By the fifth wave my human follower (lvl 20) and I stayed near the pens but there where many humans spawning in this time so I went chasing most of them to try to prevent them destroying the crafting stations or NPCs inside. Luckily, none could actually get inside, although they were running up the sides of the pyramid. in the middle of the pyramid is an inverted wall (light house, looking like a diamond on the pyramid) so they could not scale above that point.

The archers were shooting at them but they were also under heavy attack as the humans spawned onto their platforms.

Now, in the first couple of waves I thought my mistake was not putting a foundation inside the animal area, allowing the spawn. Prior to the purge, I did not realize this was an issue because everything I read said they will not spawn in your base if there is access and it is not totally blocked off, like on a bridge, or in a cave, or on top of inaccessible rocks. Maybe the lack of foundation in the animal (and prayer) area was my mistake, but that would not explain the humans spawning on the archer platforms.

Any comments on my mistake in understanding the purge mechanics? Regardless, I will have already found a few videos to watch discussing building against the purge, so maybe those will help. I do not feel like tearing this place down and staring over as I do not feel I have time time. Would adding a sandstone foundation for the pens work? I doubt the foundation issue because of the humans on the platforms, but I am open to criticism, suggestions, etc.

Thanks for reading.


It’s a bug. I had bases with clear paths and the purge spawned inside. I had bases with less clear paths where the purge worked properly. What we see when we look at our base and its access paths and what the machine “sees” aren’t the same. It might be a purge navigational problem, I don’t know for sure @seabumb . You can’t post photos of your base yet?


Funny this bug only occurs on the official servers as far as I can tell.
I had four purges all of them spawned in the middle of my base INSIDE my keep. The fourth spawn multiple Avalanches. Flattened my base, killed all my thralls and animals. And I was done with it.

Really not sure why more people aren’t on here raging about losing everything.

Since there is no mention of this being fixed in chapter 2, you can expect more spawninbase purges.

It’s been an issue for the longest time, and the reason i took my first hiatus years ago. The plateau behind Warmaker’s for example has so far (strangely) been purge proof, as long as you build a 2x wide ramp up at the far end, right up to the rear of the dungeon entrance.

The river/lake at Riversend however near the circle of swords does some weird things. You could make it as open/accessible as any well-minded beast tamer could want but it wouldn’t prevent at least a solid third of the purge popping inside your base in the middle of the river, instead of taking the multiple regular foundation-laid paths with open gates and all. In my case i had a daughter of Ymir and a few dozen of her cohorts pop inside my temple to say hello instead of going the regular route.

This kind of leads me to think the purge squads spawn a certain distance away, and have a set distance-point from whatever they targeted to which they march to. If they can’t get within that distance in one straight line, they simply pop in to compensate for any player-made buggery.

So the base behind warmakers i had, had a load of sand reapers just circle the plateau edge, unable to get up or find the path. But they never just popped up on the plateau. Perhaps whatever they targeted was within what the game considered an acceptable distance.

The base on Riversend however, has some slight inclines, small plateaus, 2 foundation-deep caves, destroyed mounds, watchtowers and of course, however negligible, still some small bodies of water around it. Such as the water above the waterfall and whatever you don’t fill up.
This was all on official by the way.

I am trying my hand at another 2 bases on water on my private server at the moment. Yet again, Riversend but i filled it up A LOT more but still made accessible.

And a base on the water at the Oasis of Nekhet, with a kneeling Slavetaker overlooking it.

I’ve had a scorpion purge at the latter already, only had 1 enemy spawn inside out of the maybe 25-30 enemies total. Wasn’t a good purge to measure base build effectiveness, sadly.

I also have 1 purge pending at the moment, expecting it when i log in tonight and hopefully i’ll find out whether or not those 2 bases are decent and that they don’t target a tent + campfire out in the middle of nowhere or something.


I think a couple days ago, I read someones post suggesting players to build close to world bosses… On official servers this works against! Don’t build close to world bosses!
People tend to build close and around the city. Some of them even builded high walls closing passages, or destroying the silver mine spawns! The purges in Sepermeru are “bugged” intentionally I guess :wink:!

Purges are a mechanism you must enjoy, if you don’t avoid them easily! Create clan, leave clan, create clan again, purge meter 0. But in this game you must build in several places and enjoy the purge and the landscape! Of however you don’t want to go away from where you are, but you still want to enjoy purge then take this solution…
Build 2 vaults. Everytime your purge is ready to be done, log in an hour before and transfer your most valuable in there.
What are the most valuable?
Named Crafters ofcurce what else. Then all the others! All the others can be easily obtained and recovered, but named Crafters no! Place a stack of each material in the vault and you won’t have issues no matter what the purge destroy!

If you rebuild!
I suggest you to go north or jungle. Build in an open space and allow purge to have clean passage to visit your base. Do not build on cliffs or on top of monument ruins, purge will spawn in your base again.

Rewarding purge!
Build in the frost lands!Cimmerian Beast tamers is the most common purge with the white dragon to place the cherry in this wonderful cake!
But!!! So many purge Crafters, open battlefield, easy for you to choose whom to kill and whom to slave, no obstacles on your fights nothing! Beautiful rewarding purge that you will totally enjoy!

Easiest purge and rewarding!
Asuras purge! Build behind and not close enough to Sinners refuge cave and prepare for the easiest and rewarding purge in exile lands! However now they made it tricky even there because you may get a rock nose purge and this rockslide guy hits hard :rofl::rofl::rofl:! But, it’s easy and rewarding!

I know it seems big right now to move a base! I totally understand the bond, the effort there’s a lot in a decision like it. But I guarantee you that you won’t regret it! Have fun exile :+1:t6:


Thanks for the detailed reply. I do not mind the purge and, in fact, was looking forward to the challenge of the purge. Sadly, there was no real challenge, just disappointment. I respect this part of the game and would hope, as you suggested for named thralls, to take advantage of the right purge. I was too ignorant to even think of putting my named crafting thralls in the vault. I know that you can place them in storage but I just never thought of that safeguard.

I am not sure about the building close to a worldboss as being my issue. I am not that close to him. I like the area because of the scorpions. If I wish to level up a new thrall (I try to get any archer or fighter to at least 10, if not 20 (I have six at 20), I just run out the front gate, kill the two closer rhinos, take a right towards the silver mine, killing the rocknoses and scorpions, continue looping around until approaching the King Rhino, but try no to aggro him, kill the next couple of scorpions and rhino. By the end of this loop, if they are not at 10, which they usually are, I do the loop again and they almost always end at 14. If I want them hire, then off on adventures we go.

I do like building and have have a concept in my mind and did do one outlier building just south of the highlands, so maybe it is time to move. The darn materials gather, though kills me for time.

This character does not touch magic. I am sticking to the roll-playing style I created him with, but I have thought about creating a second character, a slave girl, who realizes she is weak, yet she is wicked clever, so daggers and sorcery might just come easy for her. Now that “she” has overheard a rumor about acquiring easy thralls below the Sinners Refuge, she might just have to pop into existence and set up a base there before moving north to collect Cimmerians. As a former slaver, her goal is to actually free as many slaves as possible, even if this means temporarily enslaving them, so that together, they can hunt down and kill all slave traders. Her abuse has made her a bit mad.

The other character has finished most of the game, but since I am OCD about completing all the objectives, that hard-headed dude is sticking around to try to finish the entire Journey. He is exhausting my patience!

Thanks for the information.


I have not read anywhere about the purge spawning a certain distance away from their focal point. I have rad that they spawn based on a chosen foundation so your distance theory makes sense. If I run a circle around my primary base, using a radius based on the first wave spawns, where two spawned in front of my gate, say 60 foundation squares away(?), then this gives the purge a chance to spawn inside my animal pen area, and on top of the archers. That is the best guess/theory I have read.

I did make sure my base was very accessible. I probably made the fence too big. I have a naive idea of building a “worship hall” to build all the temples. Resources are a huge factor so I have not done this yet and probably will not at this location. As suggested by another reply, I guess it is time to move. Tame up another camel, destroy this base piece by piece and relocate up north. Frost lands?

But I think I might try my hand with another character, trying to learn sorcery, first.

I am also thinking about setting up a private server for myself. Is your server leased or on your own computer system? Just curious which route to go. I have a good server computer rotting in storage now so maybe it is time to use it again.

The first ‘non-starter’ base I build was on the Oasis of Nekhet. I spent a LOT of time on that base. I really liked the design and the location. Materials where easy. Food was close. Fishing was close. I finished the base. I started to relocate my thralls and the game would not allow me to place them. It turns out where I as at the Oasis, for some unknown reason, would allow me to build but would not allow me to place any thralls other than those in a pen. I tried to put my camel on guard, using the “move and guard” feature, and it was denied. I tried my main follower. Denied. I fought this a bit then just gave up. I did make a post whining that if I could build there, I should be allowed to move there - or at least be warned that I cannot move there. So, before I build anywhere I definitely will make sure my thralls can be able to “move and guard” the location. I am sure you know the game vastly better than myself, so you probably picked a better location at the Oasis.

Thanks for your help.

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Just a tip for your farming endeavours, @seabumb . I see you don’t mind playing with more than one account. Make one for farming resources. Max out expertise and choose pack mule. Max out authority and choose war party. The rest goes to grit and vitality. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t many resources near your base. End game farming, if you want to build t3 bases, means you’ll need to farm like a pro. Get either obsidian tools or, if you feel lucky, black blood ones. Make sure you have a blacksmith that can make legendary weapon repair kits in case you get the bb tools. Then learn the best spots in the map for each resource. When you go there (now easier via teleport) you don’t farm 1 or 2k. You dry out the place and farm 60k, for instance. Players that only use one account drink a bestial memory potion and change attributes. If you play with more than one account, have one just to farm. So, make that account, learn the best spots and go get the motherload, tiger! :smile:


It seems to me that, though not certain, building a base with large area of natural surface exposed from inside could potentially cause this problem.

My suggestion is, build walls instead of fence over your “backyard fence foundation”, one wall facing the outer world and another wall facing your backyard so you have a 1-foundation-tile width of wall enclosing your backyard, then place your archers over those walled “fence” to make your backyard a kill box in case if any purge foes were spawned inside of the backyard(because it seems to me that the game never spawn foes over the second floor of a sheltered foundation tile).

This actually happens.
I have had a few purges where the NPCs came across the desert to my base area. The nice thing was they got distracted and started fighting regular mobs on the way.
Also, if you have a gate open or they manage to break down a spot at your outer wall, the majority will head there.


First of all, I love your RP mentality :+1:t6:. This mentality is something I was missing in my beginning of the game! Reading your posts I still cannot understand if I speak to a person that has the first experiences of the game, or to a person that knows the “base game” and now tries to RP. In the following lines I will speak to a person that knows the game that wants to play RP.

We both agree that in this game knowledge is the key!

I remember my self when I started this game playing as a dedicated farmer.
When I was starting my first goal was to survive and find a safe place to build my first shelter.
Then I was going for my first materials to fix a furnace to gain iron and start the progress of my character based of my crafting ability…
Eventually when I was gaining the knowledge of the game I was realizing that I don’t need it anymore :man_shrugging:. My crafting advance focus, took me to where I needed to be and this knowledge is useless now!
So I believed that devs are trolling me, they fixed the game wrong!
Well… They didn’t, I just focused to safety!
So I started to play a bit different after.
When I was restarting a character I was thinking, what if I gather some aloes, kill some foes take the knowledge I need from the starting river and the Darfari lands and head to Sepermeru, without a house as a runner… And I made it!
Then on the way for Sepermeru, unnamed city is on the way, hmmm, I can take the knowledge while running I guess and I made this too…

Without understanding what exactly I was doing or how I will make it, just with the little things I new about the map and where is safe to place a bedroll, I managed to create a route, a trip around the map to gain knowledge without placing a single foundation or gather materials! The runner way!
Later, doing this over and over again, my fighting skills grow, I was fighting in the way with whatever I had and sometimes I had only my fists and kicks! So I learned finally that my best farming tool is my weapon and not my crafted funcy tools!

This game has a lot to give to the ones that want to play out of the box! It’s an amazing game and I wish you to enjoy it as much as I do since now :grin:!

Pleased to meet you exile, happy to chat with you :+1:t6:.

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I am new to this game. In fact, I am relatively new to gaming (well, returning after 40 or so years - I am 60). My return to gaming was Elden Ring, and I suffered learning that Dark Souls games are not for the meek. I beat that game 5 times, to get all achievements and endings. So coming to this game late, I approached it like Elden Ring and I fight like I am still in the Lands Between. Your ‘runner’ method was how I started. I did not get my first thrall until lvl 60. It is amazing how you can level just exploring the map. Then I started ‘listening’ to the journey and decided to build a base.

The roll playing aspect came from my game-learning in Elden Ring. Stick to a theme, it makes it more enjoyable and the many deaths more tolerable. I started my second Conan Exiles character yesterday. I am playing her just as I described previously, and that required getting one thrall. I got an entertainer because I ran across a T4 in the Mounds of the Dead - named thrall, go for it! Yes, indeed, ran all the way there, killing anything I could along the way to loot gear and weapons. Well, I looped around the Shattered Bridge a few times to get my armor, then fought the Giant Crocodile maybe four times, five? To get legendary weapons. Very pathetically, Forgelight dropped three times! What?! That does not work for my character. Then killing a giant spider, amazingly, the chest had Musashi’s Black Blade. This worlds better than the stone daggers I had been using (and the sword I looted somewhere along the way.) I think that spider dropped The Nemedian, because I noticed it in my stuff shortly after. I had to research what that helmet even did, and I was happy! I skipped that cave in my first run and that is the only reason I went for it this time. Dark Souls style playing made the spider relatively easy, so long as you watch the stamina. As for the crocodile, I do not credit any skill or ability on my part, I watched an old speed-run video and he went straight for the crocodile to get a legendary weapon. He discussed his technique for fighting the croc at level 5, 6? I think I was about lvl 15 as I did it after the Dregs.

To get early XP and leveling I basically went straight to the Dregs. Stealth killing Defari and then into the dungeon. By the time I finally reached the Mounds of the Dead I was level 29, no base, no follower and only spending about two hours. Today I had planned to level up the Entertainer but I have real-world issues to attend first.

Oh, I went to the Mounds of the Dead hoping to get a Dalinsia or Ulrik but Lianeele [sic] was a great grab. Her stats are almost as good as Dalinsia’s and she has an 80% chance of strength growth and an 85% chance of Vitality, so the odds are she will be a great companion for the entire game, although as I head to towards the Pirate King to snag his piece of the Scourgestone, I intend to try to snag the Beastmaster. I hope they like running. I have no intention of building a base until I am lvl 60. The only issue is armor and weapons. I think I am good for weapons now with the Katana (although my plan was dual blades and spear) and The Nemedian helm to repair it. Once it is base time, I will follow a lot of the advice on this page. And as @MarcosC suggested, I might use another character for building and gathering, and RP that one as a former tradesmen or engineer. That would fit the need for building.

I noticed my purge meter is going up as I run around but I thought it was based on building. Again, my ignorance shows through. Sadly, at this rate, I might have a purge attack my first base as soon as it is built so again, as @MarcosC suggested, if I have a second account build the base, then that my negate the immediate purge? Probably not but I do not know anything about how the Clan mechanics work.

I wrote too much…


Do not underestimate the hammer power in this game, because oar has the hammer animation :wink:.

Welcome friend, I am closing 47 in less than a week, so I am a yougling, your little brother I guess. Go for it :+1:t6:, age doesn’t matter, guts do!

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The rarest of them all. You were very lucky.

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Man, I just loved your post! Your playstyle is wonderful.
I too cleared Elden Ring a while ago. It’s probably the easiest title of fromsoftware, but very pleasant. Two or three bosses are old school. I loved those fights. I don’t think their quest system works very well in a open world map, but the game is great overall. My favorite ending was age of stars.
If you keep the Dark Souls mentality through Conan Exiles, you can solo all content. But, for the love of God, enjoy all the game has to offer, especially the gorgeous thralls you get on occasion! :smile:
I’m very pleased to have a player like you with us. Keep posting often!


After reviewing Testlive Season 2 for a couple of weeks, I wish they had put the effort to give us cats (i.e. Siptah turtles reskinned) into fixing purges.


Welcome to the sexagenarian club.

I have found this game to be a great source of relaxation and delight.


Soloing it is no longer an option since Lianeele joined to team. I had no idea she was rare. I did not get a Dalinsia spawn so I went into the little town to kill everyone as I waited for the the NPCs to spawn again, and in the hut where the cooking recipes are at, Lianeele was praying. I almost one-shot her from behind but luckily my brain clicked with I realized there was a golden outline around her name. Regroup. Roll. Regain stamina. Fumble around for that darn wooden truncheon. Start to wack away. I actually did not think that truncheon was going to work as her health bar was very low and fear was setting in that she would die before that grey bar vanished.

She and I intend to head east for a bit and then when she is 10 or so, we will return to slay the Barrow King. That should not take long if she survives her first few encounters with wolves. She came with adequate daggers for this area but better are necessary. This play-through is now two women on a vengeance mission. I was not saving any of the unnecessary armor from the trip north so she is only in rags. I guess a few more rounds in the village here to see if I can get her some better gear.

Looted gear is not always so great. I also intend to build a foundation, maybe a tiny shelter for the journey xp, then place a few crafting stations there to get some better armor. I am thinking Skelos Master Chestpiece and the rest Reptilian since those are easy to farm. That should get us both through most areas since agility buffs work for us.

I went into my attack and pulled out a computer I had so might just set up a private server. Sadly, I think if I do this then I would have to start a new run as transferring this run to a new server is not possible from what I have read, but that may be old information. I do like your suggestion of the dual accounts have different rolls for each character. I still have a lot to learn.

DON’T use Lianeele for fighting! It’s a crime! She’s a t4 dancer, a very rare t4 dancer and it’s the ONLY non purge t4 dancer that can be beautiful ( I hope the rng graced you twice) and have decent breast. All the others are flat.
Get a fighter. There’s always a Berserker in a lake bellow. Get that one. Lianeele will be removing your corruption at the base when you get back via transportory stone. :wink:


Oh…so converting her to a zombie would be frowned upon, huh? :slight_smile: