Are we all condemned to building our masterpieces on the ground in PvP servers now?

Once upon a time, building on PvP servers allowed us all to push the boundaries of our creations by building on rocky peaks, statues, in the trees, in the waters and challenge others to try to raid our buildings without falling short of becoming a sacrificial candidate to our gods. With the introduction of the Purge mechanic, those days are now long gone. Now, any kind of structural building that tries to keep us out of a crafty PvP raiders only ends in our own destruction with the Purge spawning directly into our bases in which we have invested so much time creating. Because of this, we’re now forced to have to keep our creations on the ground. Now, new players are subject to the easy pickings from well established players who own the server resulting in less and less online community per server.

The spawning of Purge enemies directly into your base is a game breaking mechanic. This occurs simply because the targeted base doesn’t have a direct path to it, resulting in the AI to spawn in the base rather than simply to target another base that is on the ground…usually made by large tribes who are well established on the server.

This issue has been going on for over a year now with multiple complaints posted online over and over again and still no resolution on this game breaking mechanic.

Something needs to be done to fix this and soon.

It takes 2 to 3 thralls tops to defend against a purge. Unless its the snake purge in the jungle. in which case one or 2 archers with poison arrows is sufficient. Ive had silent legion skeletons spawn in my base and it was no big deal. Its hardly game breaking. Learn how to play the game.


I am amazed that you haven’t found out yet how to avoid this …


It’s a feature, not a bug. You’re not supposed to have an impenetrable base.

Luckily, unless you’re really, really unlucky, a Purge is relatively easy to defeat. If you’re good at fighting, which I assume you are if you’re a PvPer, you should have little trouble dispatching whatever the Purge airdrops into your lollipop base. Even better, you can “recruit” some thralls to defend the base for you, and in near future, new thralls will be even stronger than before.


Why dont you just attack something to the ground then so it dont spawn inside your base thats the only reason its doing so, you been living under a rock or something to not know how this works.

Purge is easy to defend against. If purge are spawning inside your base that is your fault, won’t be explaining why it’s happening because you need to research that yourself.

No base is unraidable and nor should it be. If you are smart you will build a base that can delay a raid while you organize your defences. Thralls are not a defence, they are to delay the raid so you can prepare. Only you and your clan member fighting with your thralls can defeat a raid.

Siege engines in this game we basically useless, am glad to see the changes being made.

Hopefully gone are the days where some smuck can spam a 1000 foundations around their base virtually preventing a raid. Thumbs up FunCom.


There is a difference between unraidable and unpurgable. I actually have an unpurgable base on official. Kinda sucks half the time though because when a thrall purge spawns they die before they get to me.

Thralls r a purge defense, Thralls CAN BE a raid defense if utilized properly. Not by just spamming thralls on the outside of bases. Any raider worth their salt can take those out. But the poster is refering to purges not raids

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Everyone saying how easy it is to defend against the purge have never had a dragon spawn inside their pillar base. RIP base lol

If you have a dragon spawn inside your base you need to rethink your design.


My clan lost a base on a PVP server to a purge because we built so hidden, purge had no choice lol. But we learned, and accepted it was a trade off for how we decided to build. The next time we added features to counter the inside purge spawn, and it worked. Survive.


I had one spawn in my basement. I just stood there glitched out and confused

We have built the same pillar base design on many severs since launch of game… never once had this happen. It took out the bottom crafting area completely lost a lot of mats. So the spawning up inside a pillar base was first for me I was surprised I found a thread on it cause I thought it was a fluke.

I admit some weird things happen with purge. Had a snake purge a couple weeks back, went outside the walls and killed the first waves. The last wave with the boss I could hear but couldn’t find, turns out the final wave spawned on top of the animal pen. lol

Essentially with the changes coming in, you might as well just build on the ground. Trebs will be able to hit anything for miles, including in the air. Removal of thrall limits in exchange for mounts now decreases defence…so they gave them levels to turn them into world bosses.

Build on the ground, and have thousands of layers will be the new normal.

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