Question about the purge

the purge attack non clan players? (considering i made a home but not in a clan)

It “should.” There was a bug a long time ago when the Purge first came out that made it so you had to create a clan in single player in order to become Purge eligible. I’m 90% certain this was fixed.

Anyhoo, there are several changes coming to the Purge over the next patch or two or three, but you should be eligible for the Purge in later versions too regardless of clan status.

and the purge destroy any structure u build right?..including campfires and furniture?

Well let me rethink that. Buildings, most buildings grab the attention of Purge enemies. I’m not sure about placeables. I’m sure that placeables, say a Furnace, will be collateral damage, but I don’t know if a Furnace would directly be targeted.

Though again, a lot is changing over the next patch or two, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt. We’ll get some more solid data over the next month or so.

Yes they do attack buildings, I had a king imp bashing up my home.

how does the spawning work?
I’ve spent 100 hours building a primary workshop base where I have built on a cliff edge in an attempt to force the purge to spawn outside the main wall that is heavily fortified and defended. The main gate is accessible from all other areas. There are no water features preventing it. I paved everything with foundation blocks even brought them down to the “main” ground just in case.

As I have used T1 in an area I need T2 really inside as I’m using vanilla gather settings which takes a lot of work when you can’t get build XP (I like to slow play) My biggest worry is that because the wall is about 10 blocks away from back edge of my long house factory building that they will spawn inside the base rather outside the walls.

I paved everything because I am almost certain that if I didn’t they would spawn inside the wall.

I know and understand that if you build on a mesa or in the water it can cause the purge to spawn inside a base but how fickle is that. There is flat ground with resources well in front of the base. All structures are connected with foundations and the foundations connect to another flat area just to be sure. Is that enough though. I want the purge to attack (when I’m ready) but I want them to attack where I want them to. lol.

My T1 base is on a small mesa near the river but it is walled with foundations to the main ground just all my main stuff is in a place they can’t actually get to but they have stuff to destroy.

With almost 600 hours of play I have yet to ever experience the purge (I’ve also never actually been to level 50. (I like to slow play and I’ve restarted single player in EA with server starts and just restarted when I started playing again.))

This may be rambling a bit.

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Not really sure how a purge decides what part of the base to attack. I know that the each Purge wave is given a number in one of the data tables that dictates how many choices it has. So it could choose one of 3 spots if its been given a 3 or whatever.

hello, in my SP experience, I usually build a base in one of the buildings of the swamp city, without any foundation/wall, no purge attack ever. And when I place a single foundation near a high ground with a lot of archers, it triggers the purge…… easy and secured farm for me :slight_smile:

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I builder bridges, the purge alway happens at the bridges for me.

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