Purge Level and Building Tiers

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but according to this map (https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/clans/25298994/b4762a5ff34966d0777239cc22e714fc382fec14.jpg), a level 1 or 2 Purge shouldn’t be able to damage T2 buildings, right?

We had a Hyena purge just a while ago, while in the Dregs, that half destroyed our base. Most the foundations were T2, but had somehow been completely destroyed when we got back. Our base is on one of the islands in the starting area.

Does the Purge Level option in the Server Settings override this, or is it just the max level that purges can spawn at, area dependant?

This is on a private server, by the way.

I thought the T1 starting area on that map wasn’t allowed to have purges. Granted, that was ‘forum rumor’. We just had one roll through… but odd. Got the message, then 5 seconds later, message that it was over. No bodies laying around, no damage, nadda.


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Nah. That’s just showing the recommended tier to resist purges in those areas. They can still damage your higher tier structures.

Ah, ok. Still seems a bit weird that things which couldn’t normally damage a certain Tier suddenly can, simply because they’re part of a Purge.

Kinda makes sense for Exile Purges (better equipment, etc), but for animals?

Only where you spawn in first won’t have purges… The river that runs between the sentinels on either side will have purges

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Anybody has an answer to this one? What takes precedence, the map or the settings we have? Say my main base is in the Heirs of the North region, T2, levels 3-4. Or why not the southernmost river just because I like the environment… If I set up purge level to 6, will I only experience a purge level 2 in the south and 4 in my Heir of the North base? Or will I get the full 6? I am playing in SP, so I’m the bawss, I’m supposed to be able to choose.

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