Purge Attack Question

Hey All,
If mine or another players Meter get full to Max does the whole Server go on Red Alert or
just in my area?
All player are in different areas?
Thanks All

All players are different if they are not all in the same clan. Basically, a Purge meter measures:

  1. Individual players
  2. Clans (groups of individual players united together)

And yes, different types of Purges affect different areas. So a Purge in the south along the starting area might have a Purge of imps whereas in the snowy north, you might get a Purge of frost giants and wolves. The stronger the players/clan (level + tier construction), the stronger the Purge. There are quite a few variables that the Admin can set to scale such Purges.

So if an individual player triggers a Purge, that does not necessitate a Purge for the whole server – just that player. Likewise, if a clan triggers a Purge, it does not trigger a Purge for the whole server – just the base or bases that the clan owns. And yes, a Purge can be triggered for the same person at multiple locations if they have multiple bases.


That makes sense.
As I read it in the patch notes under Pugre meant that if there are4 diferent groups each group has a 25% chance of getting Hit.
Must mean in same I guess.
We will find out for when game goes Live and the Bitc—g starts
Thank You for the full answer :smiley::smile

So, I figured I’d piggy-back on this thread for my own question. I just started a private server and we’ve experienced our 1st Purge. Our clan base, built on an island in the Southern River, was attacked by skeletons that were impervious to our iron weapons. My Tier 1 structures fell like a house of cards. And, what I thought was odd, the skeletons spawned INSIDE the buildings.

Is this normal? I was running on default settings. and it just seemed a bit over-powered. I have since reduces the “Purge Level” from the default 3 to Level 1. We’ll see what happenes next time.

That’s a common complaint on here.

Well, as I said, as the Admin to my server I set the Purge level down to 1. We haven’t seen a Purge since that change, but maybe, just maybe, we’ll get the Exiles and Imps I was expecting.

If you built on an island, then yes the mobs will spawn inside and on top of your buildings. The same occurs if you build on a cliff or have any other type of “unraidable” base. Currently there are issues with regular bases getting spawned on like this, but if you have an island stronghold, that is what you’re signing up for.

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As described above, ideally, you want a base with only one point of access so you can easily defend it, but not a base with zero points of access.

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I see. I’ll have to adjust my building tactics. Thank you.

So, an update to my Purge situation:

I set the Purge level to 1 and experienced another Purge last night. This time, instead of invincible skeletons, I was attacked by a small group of imps accompanied by one giant imp. These were all easily dispatched.

However, they still spawned inside my buildings. My “outpost” consists of three huts built on stilts over the water. Each hut is connected to the next one by a bridge. In my original configuration I had to swim to the huts - there was no bridge. This, I assumed, was the reason the Purge spawned inside the huts rather than on the shore. So, I added a bridge from one of the huts to the shore. However, this addition made no difference. The imps spawned inside the first hut.

My next outpost will be in-land. We’ll see what happens with that.

I’d be interested to hear about other people’s experiences with the Purge. What have you guys seen?


Do we know what all buildings they will attack?
Example: Our base is kept small to be more easily fortified, so the 2 temples and the wheel are outside the walls by a decent bit, say 10 foundations away. Will the Purge attack just the main base to get at us and our spawn or will they try to destroy the temples and wheel too?
Thanks in advance.

  1. The Purge Level is the Difficulty Level of the incoming purge
  2. Which Monster will come is defined by the area
  3. Purge spawning inside buildings is definitely a bug and is already adressed on the Testlive patch yesterday
  4. When the purge spawns outside your base they will primarily attack your walls, when they spawn inside your base (but not inside buildings) - in case of non reachable bases- they will also attack Temples and wheels
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Wonderful thank you. :slight_smile:

Purge is still not working on my private server.
Some people get a Purge and some don’t.
I don’t get it at all why this is happening.
Who is your server?
Mine is a Gameserver server.

Fighting in New Asagarth,
Lvl 1-3 Npc’s and meter has not move at all.
Rest of game plays smooth as Silk.

Well, I just suffered my 3rd Purge event. The indestructible skeletons are back. I have the purge level set to 1 and my base is on the Southern River. We have 4 active players (only 1 clan). The highest level character is 25. we are using iron weapons/tools and T1 buildings. Our base is set up on an island in the river and we have structures all over the island, out in the open. A few huts, temples, a wheel (this is actually on the southern shore as I am unable to drag thralls through water), a farm, etc. The only large buildings are three large huts built on stilts in the water.

With every event, the attackers have spawned inside the largest hut. They have attacked/destroyed walls, doors, thralls, crafting stations, and decorations. I have yet to see a chest be destroyed. They seem to have no interest in the structures beyond the big hut. In fact, I was able to stand on the shore near the bridge to the huts and shoot arrows at the attackers. One of the skeletons made a lunging attack at me which carried it about half way down the bridge. After that, it was able to cross to the shore, but still had no interest in attacking anything but me and the bridge. I even lured it away from the bridge and it went right back (after killing me for the 5th time).

I have come to the conclusion that the Purge is an end-game content. For now I have disabled it on my server until such time as my friends and I have hardened steel weapons. Maybe then I can kill a skeleton.

At least your getting them.
Just wiped out a village and nothing no meter movement.
What are you Purge setting?
I can’t believe the Devs don’t say yes we know there is a problem and we are working on it.
Any word would be nice.
Thank You

Testlive just made a modification to the Purge and what tier works in what area. Keep checking the patch notes.

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If you build your base on the island you’re going to have the purge spawn inside your base.

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Found the patch notes on steam.
Sounds Like its going to be a good one.
I will have reread them to see if they mention people like me have the thing just work correctly.
Thanks Again All