Explaining purge


Hi Devs,
loving the purge😍 I would like to know: What is the purge Meter trigger value?


Going to move this to General Discussion. This is not something Customer Service can help you with. This is an excellent topic for discussion though! :slight_smile:


Yea i heard it only works in single player? Also as an admin for a server knowing all the values and what they mean would really help to. What if you have more than one base? What if its just a structure in the woods doe the mobs go away after a bit of time?


The purge will only attack one base, even if you have more. A red cross will mark the purge on the map for you when it will happen. They will even attack a small shelter assumed your purgemeter is full.


Works in multiplayer, hyenas wrecked my clan’s old outpost :frowning:


i guess npcs can climb now?
they broke through a t3 door 3 stories up( cant replace door bc of bug).
problem is i got there maybe 2 -3 min after it started tops.
so in that time they broke through a t3 door 3 stories up destroyed 2 forges 2 armor benches a stove and a few cabinets in 2-3 min? and i still had fighter and archer thralls in the base.
mayb 5-10 after i got to base i get the message i survived the purge, but i never saw any npc s attacking the base just a bunch of bags all over.


I’ve never seen them climb, but they are known to spawn on top of base roofs.


that must b what happened…but how do they explain the damage that was done in that short amount of time
and that i still had thralls in the base
it seems like an invisable purge hit my base lol
the T3 door alone shouldnt have broke in 2 min


Sounds like the people who like to spam little bases all over the map are going to have a hard time lol. I am actually a big fan of that as I always like to make one massive base for the clan not a lot of little ones.


We’re going to be watching the Event Logs like never before. Gents, Ladies, please don’t take my Hearts the wrong way: I am grateful for your feedback and sorry for your losses. :distant bugle:

NB when you see Spinas the marauder in your Event Log, get there quickly. He will empty your base unless you dust off a convenient amulet.


it was basicly a base for thralls yea, but somethings not right, i was there 2 min after the message popped up that they were attacking and when i got there the purge wasnt there but all that dmg was done and i still had fighter/archer thralls there. like right next to the bags of loot from the destroyed stations…ect
and it was all t3 lol
and like i said it took another 5-10 min b4 the message poped up that the purge was over


thats the other thing i looked at event logg and it showed nothing


Thanks for that. I just ran a manual purge on my other PC and that log shows nothing?


even if they spawned inside my base , they should have been fighting with my thralls if anything by the time i got there. like i said its almost like a ghost purge whipped through the base in 2 min lol
unless the timer is off and when i got the message they were scouting the base they were already attacking it.
but even then why didnt my thralls attack or get killed?


My guess is that even though the Purge NPCs spawned, maybe your protective thralls hadn’t spawned.


ahh…i never thought about that…you mean bc no actual player was in the area my thralls werent spawned in?
if thats the case they defenitely need to fix that lol
if thats the issue you could have abig ■■■ base protected by 50 thralls and if your not in the area youll get a purge to match that base and have not one thrall protecting the base lol


Exiles, this Purge mechanic is really thrilling for me and gives me additional motivation in this game. :innocent: Especially to catch enough thralls and to equip them so that they can stand the purge is now more than important, it’s essential for surviving in this damned land. What a cool game mechanics. :+1:
By the way Robtheswede mentioned in the stream of moos that the purge level doesn’t determine what type of monsters are attacking your base, that’s only determined by the area your base is in.


Dear Devs,
the purge has to be tested out by the players. Today I saw in the stream of Sven P that the monsters spawned right in his base in one of the towers although his base was standing free in the area. I thought this would only happen with bases you can’t reach? :thinking:
In reachable bases you should have the possibility that your thralls could stand against the purge, but when they spawn in your bedroom then this will not be possible. The purge should mainly try to overwhelm your defense, attack your walls, gates and thralls from outside your base.
In not reachable bases as on top of mountains they should spawn on the largest free plain they can get, so the player has the possibility to secure this plain with defense mechanism.
But the player can only test when the game is stable again and the thralls could be active without sinking in the ground. These two issues are stopping us players to test this awesome feature which surely needs a lot of finetuning before release in 3 weeks. :pray:t3:


totaly agree, 2 times they spawned inside my bases, both were built on the ground. always thought the point was to build deffenses against an attack, not Suprise were in your base .
the purge was something alot of people were looking forward to. if this is how its gonna work, i can see it driving people away from the game.

i wont logg back in until the server admin turns off purge, i got a massive base with walls surrounding it loaded with archers/fighters along the walls and in the yard between base and surrounding walls. they wont mean anything if the mobs spawn inside my base.


I hope I’m not misunderstanding, but it seems like you’re saying they spawned in twice, inside your base. But not inside your big base? Between bases attacked vs not attacked from within, Is there a difference in benches, manpower or materials?