So what's the general consensus with the Purge - is it working or not?

I ask as since the last big patch that ‘fixed’ it, I’ve still yet to be purged. It’s tried and failed many times in the event log - yet pre-patch it would occasionally flash on screen with the sounds that something is coming, but i dont even get that.

I play on an official pvp server so there’s no funky server settings.

My theory is either: 1. If the purge bar was already full pre-patch that possibly may be reason why its bugging out, or
2. It’s still trying to hit base structures that were in position pre-patch. I’ve since built new base structures in different locations and none of them have been purged.

Anyone had any working purges? Consistently? What happened?

Anyone else have the same as me and the same or similar situation? ie existing full bar/bases etc

not working as intended.

  1. problems to trigger, (multiple times, until it does, more evident with people with multiple bases…) .
  2. problems with purge halting, some times they bug out , not continuing, after regroup message, when it bugs out no timer spawn and the red swords on map is gone)
  3. only very very vew purge options are triggering. vanir, relic hunter, exiles (not sure what spawns in the black hand area, or jungle) .

desperate exiles are spawning t4s that spawns in the world, (not a single EXILE purge crafter has been seen. ) you get Beri, airk strong in the arm and the armorers that spawns in the world (exiles camps) and you get fighters and archers from the blackhand, not exiles… so this purge is a mess.

Been through several purges so far, 2 undead dragons, and several thrall purges.

All buildings were but before the patch.

Before the purge would only spawn the undead legion at one location. Now, after the patch, it alternates between the north and desert bases.

It works fine on PVP official from what I am seeing.

What kind of location are you in? And what style of base have you got? Built on the ground? High up? What kind of terrain? I’m curious if that has much of an impact.

One is a animal pen on the ground with walls around it, Near Sep city. That was a thrall purge.

The other one is built on the bridge going into the unnamed city, another thrall purge.

The undead legion with undead dragons seperate times, serpant man purge and just undead minions all happened at the other base by riversend.

The purge seemed to work quite fine (2 regular unbugged purges after the patch) until the “free to play” weekend.

Usually there was 10-15 peoples connected before it on the server where I play, in thoose days purge seemed working better than in the past.

But now sometimes the server is full, and in this conditions we had: a week with full bar and no “visible” purges, but every day the log says we had been purged for 1 minute and 40 secs, then we experienced purges bugged (spawned first wave INSIDE a mountain near to our purged base), purges not ever ended and re-started, and purges inside the base even if the purged base was in plains without obstacles.

Haven’t seen a purge since August or September. Meter never fills. It starts then we take a day off (life, other games) or so then have to start over. The decreasing meter added in the fall is tragedy. I truly hoped it would be fixed during the last update.


I very much agree. Or rather, I wish it would be much less drastic in its decrease. Allow me to take a day or two off from the game before it starts dropping. If I’m offline for 3+ days by all means decrease the meter if you deem it necessary.

By the eighth day I’m effectively wiped from the server anyway, so there’d be nothing for the Purge to target.


Had two purges in the last week or so. Both times it has triggered almost immediately upon purge time arriving. Official server, all buildings have been there for… a long time but purge meter was empty before the big patch that included purge fixes.

First one was on a base at ground level on more or less flat terrain. No issues. Worked perfectly.

Second purge initially tried to attack an elevated base. First wave spawned and could not get to the base so basically stopped in their tracks. Got the message they were regrouping once all the first wave mobs were killed but no timer and the red X was gone from the map. However purge meter was still full. After a few minutes with nothing happening a new purge started on another base which is also on flat terrain. That time it worked perfectly.

Would seem there’s still issues with elevated bases at the least. When I got the start notification on the second purge and saw which base it was at I assumed they were going to spawn inside it since there was no way to get to it otherwise. However they did not.

Should be getting another one in a day or two. Will see how it goes.

Got another purge last night. Again they initially went after the elevated base, one wave spawned and it bugged out after that same as before. When it re-triggered a few minutes later it was on a base in the volcano.

For that one every wave seemed to spawn in the lava. Never saw any npcs actually on land. Corpses would just appear in the lava. Would get the attacking message then a few seconds later the message that they were regrouping. Seven or eight’ish waves of this and they were defeated.

Elevating your base or putting it on rocky areas that require a little bit of climbing is a sure fire way to glitch out the purge and they just stand there.

Ps4 user, Rrrrrr 95% of them have worked, and there fun.

5% is… COME ON! why you spawning underwater! in rock face… and why in hell is it starving exiles all the time… with blackhand in 4th and 5th waves.

Spider one was a welcome change. But the varity sucks.
On ps4, we lack good keyboard support, so its 100k or 0 point for Bar right now… and 0min, 10mins or higher trigger points.

Better then what it was, still needs some tweaks.

I was in a full server ps4 pvp official and the purge worked fine last night.

Is not working.

Purge spawn inside of my house that is perfectly reachable, in the roof also in the eaves…

that suck lost a T4 crafter thanks to this
and now, the purge metter is up for days with no purge and when it comes last just the first round - official server

Kinda working. My bases typically end up being built on ledges. One side is pretty much a sheer drop just high enough to kill you if you fall from it. The other side is a gentle slope forming a wide, natural and very accessible path right to the front gate.

Most of my purges end up being thrall purges that try to attack the cliff side. :roll_eyes:

Getting ready for a purge tonight, pretty excited to see which base it hits

Not working for me. Purge meter moves slowly then resets everyday. Official server(s) (I have tested on 3 officials with the same result.) PVE no mods - purges worked until the past month or so.

For me, not really. It has worked once in all the time I have been playing. The only time I have seen a purge, my neighbour received the purge warning and the purge attacked me instead.

Check your server settings; the purge is working just fine. there is a narrow window for the purge to happen and it will only happen to one clan at a time so you are looking at 1 purge maybe 2 a night tops on any server. The purge is now like a lottery system. If your bar is full you are waiting for your turn. It seems broken because of the freebies because there are now more clans and thus a longer line to wait in.

So…my clan gets purged a lot. It chooses only my main base as its most hated location 97% of the time.

It bugs out and stops.

I had rocknoses stuck on a Cliff. They just sort of landed there and stayed there while my clan mate and I shot them.

Sometimes they spawn on things. Or in them.

I honestly dont know what they are supposed to do.