Purge regions discussed?

Hi all,

Will the region based purge system result to this:

Player will build a tier 3+ base at the south and is virtually safe from purges
As i understand the creatures attacking would be tier1, so f.i. imps would hardly scratch a base then.

If so, perhaps the purge levels should better be related to player levels instead of map regions.

Any1 two cents on this?

Have a great day!

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Works for me.
I just hope it works on Private servers.

On test Live Funcom changed something in the Purge activation process. They don’t tell what exactly, but they claim now Purge will be hitting places based on their “value” and certain players activities. I guess if you have a t3 hut in the south with some empty furnaces and a t3 base in the north filled with chests, advanced workstations manned by t3 thralls and you also run around it every day, killing undead and catching thralls, chances Purge will hit your south hut will be like 1-2%. Of course it has yet to be proven (as we all know how Funcom can state something is working and it’s not working) on live servers, but at least it makes sence - Purge suppose to be something to keep in mind. Otherwise players will build four empty one block t3 huts south, thus effectively reducing chances Purge will hit their main base to 5-10%.

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Aha, that gives some perspective, good to hear, was afraid they would stick to the old method.

Perhaps the new method is based on the decay timers or so, wich would be the obvious choice to begin with imo.

Thanks, your reply indicates there’s movement on this subject, so thats great for now. :sunny:

The Purge now has 6 difficulty settings:

1,2 are used around the southern river (can be resisted with T1 buildings)
3,4 are used in the center of the map and the swamp (can be resisted with T2 buildings)
5,6 are used in highlands, frozen areas and volcano (you should have T3 buildings to resist them)

Well Tin_Egg they decided otherwise eventually, as it seems :confused:
This is bound to interfere with gameplay imo.

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