Quick question about Purges.. If they are still working

My question is this, in SP if you have 2 bases will the Purge hit the one that you are actually at?

I just had what was supposed to be my 3rd purge in SP but nobody showed up. Got all the alerts that they were coming, then attacking etc but there was nobody around.

Eventually a message came up saying that they were defeated and it was all over but I never saw a single attacker…

Opening your map shows a red X where the purge is attacking. AFAIK it’s completely random which base they target. My clan has 1 base for every member since nobody can ever agree on a building style and the ones they hit never seem to follow a pattern. Some thralls and pets can easily handle most Purges unless you get a really beefy one.

Thanks for that, I didn’t know it showed on the map. Will look for it next time, thanks again…

I’ve heard it’s supposed to target whatever base you’re at in SP, but whether that’s true, and if so if it’s working or not, I can’t say.

Yeah I had a purge last nite and it didn’t hit where I was at. I remembered to check the map this time and had to warp to my other small base.

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