Purge vs Clan with Multiple Active Bases

When the purge strikes a clan that has multiple active bases across the map, does the purge attack all of them at the same time or does it only strike one? If it only strikes one, how do you know which one will be attacked?

It only attacks one. There will be a red X on the map once it begins. So far all of them on my server have been hyena attacks against little 4x4 outposts that have been abandoned weeks ago. (decay is off on my server).

Can u log off during the purge on a pve server and not be attacked during the purge

Once, before the purge was completely broken on single player, the purge attacked a single foundation I had out in the middle of nowhere instead of my base…

So I guess if you don’t want to deal with purges, just place a few random foundations around the world for them to attack.

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I had a single foundation on a spire next to my base the purge spawned there broke the foundation and was stuck on the spire lol

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Nice purge trap. Well done.

I have been through 3 purges since the launch date.

Each was near the sentinels.

First - Darfari Cannibals
Second - Desperate Exiles - 2 waves before the server crashed.
Third - Desperate Exiles - 3 waves

Our server has been going for a year. We didn’t wipe. There are a bunch of fortresses and outposts. They randomly get attacked.

Thanks. Someone also informed me that they put a red marker on the base that will be or is being attacked. That was something else I wanted to know so I would know which base needed the help against the attack.

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