Purge Warning Happens, but no Purge

Hi all! I have a buddy on our private server who is having issues with the purge and I wanted to check to see if its due to his base location.

He has built his base on an island in O-7 (the bigger one in the SE corner of that grid). He received the Warning that the Purge was coming but then it never comes. We even had him log in as admin and used console command to start a new Purge and both times, he gets the warning but then nothing. It appears that as soon as he gets the warning, it somehow stops (he can place blocks shortly after even though he never gets the “purge defeated” messege).

My question is: could the placement of his base be causing this. Other clans are getting purges and he has had purges before in a different location. We assume its the location but was wondering if anyone had a similar experience.


have u checked for enemies spawning directly inside water or inside rock formations(under mesh)?

this can happen on islands as may time purges spawn points can even spawn in opposing land masses and purgers r unable to reach purge target locations (has happened to me many times near jungle) swim around on the nearby shores to check next time this happens (or if u have admin rights push purge to check) .
IF they r inside a rock formation , u can use some poison arrows or orbs to check… ussually u will hear some voices or ur thrall will insist on locking himself to a rock or ground formation … if u throw an arrow or orb there u should be able to see the hp bars of the ones u harm…

it is one of the many things that playerbase would prefer to have been fixed instead of new game versions


I have a base built next to a river in a canyon. The purge spawns there and has to walk to a point where they can get out of the river.


Thanks for the quick responses. Ive seen the “spawn inside of rocks before” but I think this is not the case here. Only becuase within seconds of the purge warning, the purge is finished (he can place blocks, etc.).

Thanks again!


Yes whats happening is they are spawning inside something. Heres how u find them. Next time during the purge put your thrall on attack all and start running all around everything. Your thrall will alert you to there location if u get him close enough. At least you can find them. Or your setting for purge time is set to low. If your using gportal look at the purge time setting and increase it. Good luck

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