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So I have read countless threads and watched more video than I care to recount and this particular item never seems to be clarified.

If you look at a purge, for example A Swarm of Imps or The Followers of Asura, they both list a difficulty threshold of 1-6. However, the wiki and everyone I can find states that the difficulty is based on the region.

T1 = 1,2
T2 = 3,4
T3 = 5.6

So the question is why are purges that can never occur outside of T1 and T2 listed as having 5 and 6 difficulties if they could never be used? You would never be attacked by A Swarm of Imps in the snow biome as it is way outside their sphere. Really wondering why there has never been a dev talk or walkthrough of such an important system that leaves everyone just speculating. Thanks to anyone that has a definitive answer.

Difficulty in terms of the quality of the enemy is based on region. Like the snow is going to have harder enemies then newb river.

The TIER difficulty is based on the server settings. If you have a server setting of tier 4, that’s as high as it will go and will ignore any wave information that would conjure up tier 5 or 6.

Appreciate the response but does not clarify why Imps and Asura are listed as going to 6 when the mechanics appear to not allow it to go that high.

On a server with a purge level of 6 how would one get a difficulty threshold 6 for A Swarm of Imps unless the region has zero affect on the threshold at all.

Pretty sure that’s exactly what @Multigun is saying - the levels 1-6 are entirely based on the server settings.
The region tier thing (which seems a confusing way to label it) is just saying that eg Imps are Imps and are just always going to be weaker than eg a horde of Cimmerian Berserkers. (So Imps are ‘tier 1’ in a regional sense, but can spawn a level 1-6 Imp purge dependent on server settings - two different measures, measuring different things (in a confusing way)).

And then there’s the added complication of the Cultists purge, which can hit parts of the desert and even parts of noob river, but in regional terms is more like a tier 3…

It would be unfortunate if the devs were using two completely different difficulty settings that used the same terms and the same number scale. This was from the original patch notes written by the devs back in April of 18.

The Purge now has 6 difficulty settings:

  • 1,2 are used around the southern river (can be resisted with T1 buildings)
  • 3,4 are used in the center of the map and the swamp (can be resisted with T2 buildings)
  • 5,6 are used in highlands, frozen areas and volcano (you should have T3 buildings to resist them)

If these 6 number have nothing to do with the server difficulty setting then this is a monumental stroke of poor design and documentation. Reading this it is very logical to wonder why a purge that can never occur in the highlands, frozen area, or volcano would even have a 5,6 version scripted and documented. :frowning:

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I think the answer you’re looking for is more complicated then you might think. There are a couple of things that come into play with the purge.

First is the region that you build in. Each purge has its own area that it can spawn and attack this partially designates what kind of building material can withstand a purge of that caliber. The example of imps is a good example of something that can be withstood with T1 building and it is designated to spawn in an area that players usually build in that tier.

Level 1-6 is a bit more complicated. A level 1 imp purge for example would be less waves of enemies then a level 6 purge of imps. At least that’s what I can tell from the dev kit. The higher level purge the longer it will last and the more enemies come on it.

Things get a bit blurry when you find yourself built on noob river and receiving a cultist purge even at a level 1 purge a tier 1 building will be gone in the first few seconds of the purge. Even t3 buildings are at risk.

They have stated in the past that they are aware of some issues with the purge not spawning lower level purges say level 1-4 won’t spawn in an area that has the ability to send a 1-6.

My guess is that it always send a level 6 regardless again meaning more enemies in the waves and more waves in the purge.

In conclusion to use the knowledge in game, the area you build and the type of purge dictates your building tier. There is a great tool on the wiki to see what purges spawn where. I suggest using it. https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge

Then expect to get a level 6 purge at that location no matter what, until there is an update that shows that the issue has been addressed for purges that are ranked between 1-4.

Hope that helps.


I honestly now think that the question is much more complicated than everyone thinks. To this point, the original question still has not been answered. May be a failing in how I posed it. I will put together some diagrams tomorrow to aid in this endeavor. And as for the wiki, I do use it, extensively. Your comment was actually very rude but I will hope that it was not intended as such. The wiki however does include some really vague explanations and based on the fact that countless posts and videos still contradict one another I am beginning to get the idea no one honestly knows how the purge system works. Which is unfortunate.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the wiki is player created not dev created - so contains the best information as understood by the player base, not necessarily 100% accurate information. (That said, they do a darn good job - everytime I’ve spotted something that seemed off, by the time I’ve finished testing to confirm it, they’ve already updated). It’s also worth bearing in mind (though I’m sure neither regards themselves as anything ‘extra’) - the two other people responding to you are a) one of the primary experts on the dev kit outside of the devs themselves, responsible for several of the most popular and reliable mods, and b) one of the game’s primary youtube tutorial makers, who has extensively tested the purge system in multiple videos and livestreams. That certainly shouldn’t dissuade you from pushing back if you disagree with them, but then disagreement doesn’t appear to be the issue here.

No one is being rude here (I’m genuinely unsure how you even got that impression) - you asked a question and people are trying their best to answer it. As you say, clearly none of us have understood exactly what it is that you are asking, but that does not mean anyone is dismissing it. Hopefully the diagrams you mentioned may clarify what it is that’s not resolving the question.


My comment wasn’t meant to be rude, Sorry if you took it that way. I’ll watch for your “diagrams” to hope to better understand your question.


I’m going to take a second stab at answering you question. They are used.

You can get a level 1 purge at the river or the highlands. You can get a level 6 purge at the river or the highlands. The type of purge dictates more of what type of building materials are required then the level setting does. The server level setting changes the number of waves you get in the purge, and how many enemies come in each wave.

For example I did some testing for you this morning and these are hard numbers from the test.

Level 1 setting on the server
Purge type (Swarm of Imps)
Wave 1 = 4 imps
Wave 2 = 2 human Npc, 2 imps, 1 king imps
Purge defeated

Level 6 setting on the server
Purge type (Swarm of Imps)
Wave 1 = 10 imps
Wave 2 = 9 imps, 4 Human NPC, 1 King imp
Wave 3 = 14 imps
Wave 4 = 15 imps, 1 King imp
Wave 5 = 20 imps, 1 King imp
Purge Defeated

You can see there is a large difference between how difficult the purge is between the level 1 setting and the level 6 setting. This is what I was trying to explain before, But as mentioned I am a Youtuber much better at explaining things with moving pictures then typing them out. Hopefully you find this info helpful and it answers your question in a un rude manner.


I have enjoyed many of your videos Wak and follow your channel. That was why I took the comment with a grain of salt. I appreciate that.

Now, you sir, have finally explained a very complex system in such a way that it makes a hell of a lot more sense than what the developers have written. You are a hero. I totally follow your example. So here is my final question then.

Why were you able to get a level 6 imp purge when the patch notes state the following?

  • 1,2 are used around the southern river (can be resisted with T1 buildings).

Under what circumstances would the server be able to spawn a level 6 imp purge if the river is capped at 2?

Even if the server difficulty was 6 would the fact that the river is only supposed to be 1-2 override that? Your test would prove otherwise. I understand that the game can spawn any level purge within its area of influence so long as it is within the limits of the server difficulty setting. So why the hell would the devs write that in the patch notes?? What you wrote makes so much sense until you try and incorporate a piece written by the actual devs. It’s like the Chewbacca Defense! That is the only part of this puzzle I am missing. Again Wak, thank you. The piece you did fill in made my day.


I don’t have an answer for this. I know a while back there was a thread here on the forums that was talking about the Human purge in the volcano. The Votaries of Skelos, It’s listed as a 1 - 4 difficulty but never spawns in the volcano. It was acknowledge that there was an issue with the purge spawning any purge that didn’t have a 1 - 6 rating if there was a purge in that area that did have a 1 - 6 rating.

So 1 - 4 Difficulty rating purge will not spawn if there is one that has a 1 - 6 rating in the same area. I for the life of me can’t locate that forum post now. :man_shrugging: But from memory it was noted as a bug for review.

The server settings were level 6 when I did the second test, now for the record I don’t know what specific level purge did come, Could have been a 5 or a 6, there is no way to tell in game or at least I don’t know how to tell.

To answer the question all I did was changed the server setting from 1 to 6 and received the more intense purge.

My guess is that the patch notes and what is actually happening don’t quite line up and that there is some work that needs to be done to fix it. Whether the 2 systems of “difficulty” location and server setting are working as intended I can’t comment, I simply don’t know.

From my experience it seems that all the purges are at the same level when I use official server settings for level 6, they all seem to me to have the same number of waves and the same number of thralls in the waves. If there has been a variation I have not noticed it, in all the time I have been playing and testing.

Though I do think there may have been some recent changes made to the purge, the test I did this morning is the first time I have seen Human NPC’s in an Imp purge, so I may have to put it back on the table for more testing. :wink:

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Heh, that anyone can wrap their head around. Dev say A, game does B. Alright, well thank you a million. For the moment I will simply assume that the tier system is to be simply ignored and only place any real value on the server difficulty setting. Your ,methodical approach to testing has allowed us to just chalk this up to, it dun be broke. Perhaps it was a system they considered implementing and never did or is simply broken. In any regard, thank you again for all your help. Perhaps with your influence you could get one of the FC devs to sit down with you for just a few moments and discuss this system to finally determine what the intention was for the tier system and when they might think they will return to it.


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