Purge difficulty should increase with player progression

Purge lvl 6.
I started building in wood zone. When I finished my home - started purge - I was alone and it was fun. Even with my building got half destroyed.
Now I have t3 building couple pets and thrals - but i still get same purge.
This is booring - I would expect purge of nords with star metal weapons. And not with iron(

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If you want a more difficult purge, build in the red zone. That is where you are supposed to be at when you are high levels.

I know that - but this area is too far away from important spots like thralls respawns or unnamed sity. It would be good to make red zone little bigger - since the strongest humans are located in green north area

Curent purgesystem have to work 100 % b4 its time to expand the system, i Think they are quite Close to that nowe. so who know whats ther next step…

One problem with it being tied to your level is the fact that your level does not always accurately reflect your power.

You can spend a lot of time in lower level areas, getting experience from various means, and still have low tier buildings.

I did this in my solo game last time I played. I had a camp on the southern edge of the river. I ventured out the Lookout Point to setup a little iron camp, and then another near Dustdevil Ridge to far brimstone nearby.

From killing bandits in the travels back and forth, and the other means to earn experience, I did not yet have the higher tier buildings necessary to survive a purge.

I would imagine this is why they made the Purge location based.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the Purge strength is meant to reflect the strength of the enemies in a region. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the highest level of Purge to hit down in the weakest areas of the game.

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Player progression is not player lvl - it is how much player/can posses. It is easy to count the “cost” of whole my stuff in basic resources. And this “cost” could affect difficulty. With that - there also would be no need in purge zones

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Just because a player -can possess- something, doesn’t mean they have it.

I think this wouldn’t work, because it would put too much strain on the engine.

Having to calculate all of your building pieces, all the stuff you have stashed away in inventory, etc. Then deciding what level of purge should hit you because of that.

It’s just far too complicated, with no real benefit. Purge zones are easy and simple.

You don’t want to be hit by a purge, you avoid the areas where dangerous individuals are located.
You do want to be hit by a purge, go camp out in the backyard of all these dangerous individuals.

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It’s just far too complicated

No it isnt - I can write it down in 15 min, if I would know the data structur

The problem is - I am in the noth green zone - there are most powerfull thralls - but with purge come NPC from south in medium armor and with iron weapon - this is not ok

So build a temporary camp to tame your thralls and then drag them back to your base in the north if you want more of a challenge?

Not everyone wants to deal with a Max Power purge, anywhere on the map. Most don’t want to deal with the Purge at all.

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Then apply for a job at FunCom or create a mod that does the things you want, if it’s so easy to do.

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The Purge are enemy NPCs that will be sent into the Exiled Lands from neighboring nations to raid, pillage and destroy everything in their path.

However, I remember some load screen thing about artefacts. Having them causing others to attack you and come after them. So you could think that the purge is related, designed to seek out those who might have inadvertently found an artefact.

Been too long since I played and I can’t remember exactly how the screen was worded, unless it was a book or writing, or NPC chatter.

It was one of the books/notes found around Sepermeru, probably one of Razma’s journals.

I just read through Razma’s on the wiki. Not them.

I’m actually thinking it’s from the NPC, Gilzan. Found this from a Google search about his dialogue.

‘the Purge steals relics and then presumably leave the Exiled lands with it’?

Someone said Gilzan was saying something of this effect to them. And I’m almost 100% this is what I’m thinking of, in this context.

That the Purge is meant to be after the relics/artefacts that are used to make the Keystone.

Given that the purge meter fills from gathering resources and building, it shows that those who gain in power are targets for the purge, as they may likely have discovered these items.

Hm, you may be right.
I’m quite sure I read something similiar in a book in Sepermeru, but since the info given isn’t contradictory it doesn’t really matter :wink: I’ll have to check Sepermeru again…

Yeah, I trolled through all the lore pages I could on the wiki. Not a one mentioned anything like this. Gilzan is probably the closest you’ll find.

But it seems like a logical reason for the Purge.

The guy sends us in there to do all of that. The purge could also be somewhat initiated by him. To cull the weak while additionally locating the relics more easily.

Then they should play without purge - I can’t see any person like the purge like it is now - when there no challenge. You even dont have to come to you base - since a couple of pets can handle it -_-
And this is a game issue and should not be change by modders

That is their option, in a single player game.

Pretty sure it’s not an option for official servers, because they have the Purge turned on.

Pretty sure it’s not an option for official servers, because they have the Purge turned on.

If someone do not want purge - they also probably do not want pvp - for that people exist RP servers

The purge isn’t PVP, it’s PVE.

The system they use now is more than adequate. Like most suggestions to come through this board, you choose not to accept the solution they have given you.

You admit to wanting to camp in a weaker area near where certain thralls spawn, that is your choice. But along with that you have to accept a weaker Purge in that area.

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Yes - and this is bad designed feature -_-