Purge difficulty settings still screw with purges

Game mode: Online private | Single-player)]
Type of issue: [ Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [East and west coast usa]

[Describe the bug here]

1.Set your purge to 6
2.never see level 4 purges
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@Larathiel I stole your post because it was so nicely done!

this was acknowledged by the dev community on the above link and its still a thing!


Hi @Skua, we’re aware of the issue and it’s still being looked into.


Glad it was helpful to you. :slight_smile:

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Wait…wait…there is a setting to adjust Purge difficulty!? Cool. Could someone tell me where, assuming we have the ability to configure it this way on console? Purges at my main base in the River biome are just a little to easy for me.



To be fair, the purges along the river are the easiest in the Exiled Lands… unless you’re far enough east to get hit by the Disciples of Sobek. That said, if your platform allows you to access the command console, you can always type commands to order specific purges to attack, even if they aren’t native to a given area:


@Larathiel is that possible on Ps4? CROMS Faithful is console player as am I.

I have no clue, I’ve only ever played this game on PC. But I figure it’s worth mentioning on the off-chance you guys can, or at least so others who search on a similar issue can benefit.


I don’t think it’s possible, but like @Larathiel I only play on PC and can’t say with 100% certainty. Hmm who to tag that might know? … @WhatMightHaveBeen do consoles have access to the the admin command console (~) or is that only on PC?


It is unfortunately impossible to open the command line on consoles. Even if you connect a keyboard. :cry:


Well that’s a kick in the pants, but appreciate the answer.

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Hey I appreciate everyone’s help. On server settings we can adjust purge levels and frequency. Of course my purge of yetis yesterday never showed up ran all around the area checking others bases along with mine finally said they had been defeated. What a bummer


Sounds like they may have spawned on the ground that extends inside of the cliff meshes, or maybe on another terrain layer under the map. :frowning:

The last purge I admin’d on my server, I had to turn on ghost mode, fly under the map, and then teleport players to me so they could fight the enemies that showed up and capture their thralls.


I’ll try to remember that in case it happens in any of my future purge tests. They’re a pain in the butt to run because of how long it takes, but I also kinda enjoy doing it.


Thanks @bbtech. I have not really tinkered with the Purge settings much at all. I was a little fearful that I would upset something and stop it from functioning as intended.

Peoples I have 2 follow up questions. 1) Will increasing the Purge difficulty setting affect which type of Purge spawns in (eg-exiles, hyenas, etc) and number of waves, or just increase the hp pools, damage output of the enemies which spawn in? 2) Is there actually a way to determine or influence which Purge type will spawn in at a location aside from map location? More details below.

Aye that they are. I kind of like the idea of my homestead being nice and peaceful. I do have several outposts also, however I just always seem to have them trigger at my main base; even if it is not the one I was at most recently.

As far as the location of my main base goes, it is located at coordinates J,4 on the map near what I call the grasslands. So I may or may not be far enough east to recieve a Disciples Purge (I wish it would!).

However it may also be too far south, as I am on the southern side of the River. Thus far I have had Exiles, Dafari, Hyenas and Imps there. Sadly the latter two most often. Although I would be interested to know if there is any way to increase the odds of human Purges there, as I would like to snare some more T4 craftsmen!

I also have outposts at M,8 in the Jungle, D,5 in the Unnamed City and C,10 in the Tundra.


Definitely. IME, once the purge difficulty is set to 5 or 6, all of the purges rated with a difficulty of 1-4 stop spawning. Apparently, this is not intended behavior, but in practice it seems to be how it shakes out.

For example, if difficulty is set to 6, a base in the immediate vicinity of Sepermeru would only suffer attacks from Scorpions or Locusts since the Relic Hunter purges are all 1-4 difficulty.

On my PC server host, I can open the server’s console output and look for messages starting with “ConanSandbox: Purge” and see what the server is intending to purge a clan with. If it’s undesirable, I have time to cancel it and try another using console commands, but it doesn’t sound like those will work on a console server unfortunately.

That said…

For purges with lots of crafters, I’d recommend building at the same latitude as New Asagarth. When I was on an Official, I had excellent luck (and variety) in the center of F10 (i.e. in the same valley as NA, not atop the cliffs). After that, I moved to NE A9, where I got nothing but Cimmerian Beast-Tamers and Berserkers, both of which yield tons of thralls.

BTW, if you have the ability to edit the ServerSettings.ini for your server, one helpful change to make is this:


When you do that and then look at a building with a Repair Hammer, you’ll see an extra line at the bottom that shows the Building Score. The higher that number is relative to your clan’s other buildings the better it’s chance of being the purge’s target. Note though, that each building that’s on its own decay network will have its own separate score. Additionally, if a building’s score is too low, the purge will never select it. I believe the minimum score is around 800-something down south, and 2000 or so up north.


I am setting purge to 4 then next I am on. Never thought to burrow into the earth looking for purge. Thanks.


PS4 has no keyboard entry at all :frowning:

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@WhatMightHaveBeen Do console servers have RCON commands available? If so, you might be able to use those instead.

I was just able to trigger a purge on myself via RCON like so…

  1. Open Server Console (or download the log file) and look for the name of a player in the clan you want to purge, note the guild ID number at the end.
  2. In RCON, I specified the command like so:
  3. And I saw this:
  4. A few minutes later, I got the on-screen notification on my character, Alexis, that her clan would be getting purged.
  5. Since I’m at work, and can’t fight a purge right now, I followed-up with the following:
  6. The timer disappeared, and I got this in the console:

NOTE: I suspect that the player name listed may need to be that of someone who is currently logged-in as admin on the server, but I’m not 100% certain yet. Regardless, you can still use the lookup trick from step 1 to find the guild ID of whatever clan you need to purge since this is displayed on player connect.

Nope. The Sony/Microsoft security protocols only allow for G-Portal slider/settings adjustment on the site. Cannot do anything else. Sucks really.