Some changes to Official Server settings regarding the Purge

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: (Honestly, this one’s vauge. Examples?)

So, we know the purge is kind of spastic at the moment, with people reporting it works and others reporting it doesn’t and whatever to either side and inbetween.

There are two problems I’ve suggestions to help workaround while we wait for relevant patches on all platforms:

  • “Purge never happens to me” syndrome
  • Purge crafters never spawning, or being so rare no one ever gets them

I’ve done some tests with purge settings in singleplayer using the available command lines to start the purge, finish it and progress stages etc (this was on Xbox yes, if you have a keyboard plugged in you can use " ` " to bring up the command line[s]).
(also for those wanting to know “startplayerpurge” “startnextpurgephase” and “endpurge”).

During these tests I concluded that Purge Level 6 (the overall difficultly of the purge as it is in the setting page) either doesn’t allow human attacks or they are far to rare on 6. This doesn’t sound like much until you figure out crafter thralls only spawn when you get attacked by a human group. So, if only animal based groups attack crafter thralls will never show up.

Solution? Set the purge difficulty on Offical servers to 3. My tests with this level both spawned human attacks and animal attacks (though my numbers showed animals still attack more often, it looks like 3 is supposed to be 50/50 considering I didn’t get any human attacks on lvl 6)

Next up, I never get purged syndrome. As it is now, the purge can seemingly only attack one player/clan at a time (had a friend join me and make a clan. Used “purgeclan” on their clan called “A”, then used “startplayerpurge” which targets whoever issued the command I’m assuming. They got a purge at the little shack they built, I did not).
This, combined with the purges ability to target offline players/clans is likely just making it so the diceroll never lands on the people who are online, waiting to be purged.

My suggested solution to this is set the minimum players online from 0, to 1. If I’m understanding what the number does correctly, this will disable offline purges (not what the devs want, I know but hear me out) and force the purge to only hit online players.

Both of the solutions I’ve outlined and my reason for suggesting them should be temporary, until a patch comes out that does these two things:

  • Makes human and animal groups 50/50 at any purge level, and
  • Makes purges prioritise online players over offline players

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