I think I "fixed" the Purge not working on my server

This is just an FYI.

Since release I’ve had issues with the Purge either not happening once the Clan had a filled Purge Bar or later I had on issue with the Purge not filling at all or being reset with every server reboot.

Recently I think I resolved this issue and it boiled down to problems with my Seversettings.ini file. Specifically the issue was that somehow my server was missing almost ALL of the Purge settings from the .ini file. I did a bit of research and think I came up with a fix. To threads specifically helped me.

This one:

and this one:

The second one is KEY.

Furthermore I feel on dedicated servers the settings in your admin panel don’t always effect game settings working as much as putting those same settings manually into the serversettings.ini seems too.

I REALLY think this is the issue at the heart of things and why it seems to work on some servers and not others.

Hopefully the purge such as it is will work correctly now, it seems to so far. Though I would really rather have the original idea of roving NPC armies scouring the map as was originally shared

I think long term the game would have MUCH more life and popularity with a settlement system and roving NPC threats than simply a PvP arena.

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