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So something new that’s been added is the purge, I play in pve and I notice I been focusing more in exploring with fellow exiles and decorating my land instead of making it a fortress, I am in no clan and the thrills aren’t healing or equipping weapons, meters is a most half. Do the difficulty matches if you are in a clan or not? level? Somebody said area does. I have everything Sandstone how can I replace them without having to break my blacksmith, carpenter, tanner,etc.

Bump, I’d like to know too. We should be able to pick these up again.

There are 6 main Difficulty levels of the Purge as I understand it. 2 for each building tier and are location based.

Difficult 1 and 2 is for Tier 1 building material This occurs along the Noob River in the south of the map.

Difficult 3 and 4 is the most common and is Tier 2 building material Desert, Swampy/Jungle, and the north south of the ice (white parts of the map)

Difficult 5 and 6 is the North snowy part of the map and the Volcano and would require Tier 3.

A Sandstone building outside of the starting area will get destroyed pretty fast if you get attacked.

The Difficulty levels include how tough the mobs are to kill but also their Damage to building bonus. 1 and 2 is 5x damage, 3 and 4 10x and 15x. 5 and 6 is 20x and 25x… I believe. I’m going off memory here.

A Tier 3 building in the Noob Area will likely not go down easy. As the Imps that attack it likely do 50-100damage with each hit.

A Teir 2 building in the Desert area in the North near the desert will take a while to be destroyed but the Purge can still do it fairly easily if you don’t have any thralls defending.

A Clan I suspect makes it easier for you as you have more humans rather than thrall support… but 10 lvl 3 archers in the right placement will likely give you a good chance as long as you help defend too.

Purges can only happen while you are online. Or 4 members of your clan are online.

As I say this is all from memory so some of this may not be accurate anymore and are based on default server settings.


You can replace a given building part with an identical part of a higher tier without destroying what’s built on top of it. e.g. you can place a Stonebrick Foundation at the same place as a Sandstone Foundation (replacing it, not putting it above it).

It’s even a step of the Journey so I would encourage you to try it once. :slight_smile:

How does this relate to the “Purge Level” setting in the Server Settings? Is it a multiplier on top of the area-based level? Or is it a cap that sets a max purge level, regardless of the area?

Like I say I’m going off memory and I don’t know if anything has changed and I missed it. I understand it as being a Max level so it set to level 4 means that even the Northern most purge would only have the 15x damage multiplier but the mobs them selves will be the level 5-6 mobs in both difficult to kill and base damage. However as I say I am no expert

OK so far I understand the difficulty of the purge depends on the area but doest it also depends if in a clan or not? Also what about the building tiers, I see people saying to build stronger tier for better purge and rewards but what I want to know is if you have tier 1 will enemies matching it spawn or not? Otherwise purge might be overkill for the more decorative, Explorer, casual type players who don’t really want to build a fortress, maybe a small fort but nothing too serious.

again as I understand it. So don’t take this as 100%

Clan and Building Tier do not decided the difficulty of the purge.

Location and server setting impact it, as does resources near the base being attacked. So if you build near a lot of resources you are more likely to get a strong purge attack. As far as I know Clan doesn’t directly impact it the difficult. Beyond you must have 4 people online (depending on server settings) to have one occur.

Purges only happen at one location though, so if you have 4 bases there is no way to know which one will get hit. You may have a 8x8 tier 1 full of furnaces by coal and iron and a massive tier 3 castle in a defensible location either could get hit.

As far as I know clan doesn’t impact the purge and if it did it may be in the number of mobs, but I don’t believe that is true.

Building Material has different hit points so they are scaled so the mobs normal hits against a expected building material are increased by a factor to equalize the ability to damage across all Purges. So if a level 1 purge in the Noob river area assumes 5 mobs will take 15 hits to destroy a Sandstone foundation, 5 mobs in a level 3 purge in the Desert should also take about 15 hits. (I don’t know what the actual number is but I believe it is around 12-18 hits to destroy a foundation for a small group) They can really mess you up right now.

Location of the structure being attacked is the only thing that factors in to the strength of the attacking purge given the information we currently have from the devs. So if you build a sandstone base in the highlands, expect it to get destroyed easily by the purges there if they reach your walls/ foundations. While a Black Ice base in the desert is relatively safe, it can still be destroyed if the purge is ignored. No building materials are indestructible from a purge. Given enough time they will damage and destroy everything.

With that said, there are server settings that control the strength of purges, the duration of a purge, the amount of actions taken to move the purge meter into summoning a purge, the warning time before a purge hits, etc. So if the strength of a purge is set to say 1. The maximum purge difficulty summoned will be the equivalent to being in the noobie area regardless of where your base is. While if set to “6” ( or maximum), the difficulty will scale appropriately based upon location.

Our server is set to maximum difficulty, 10 minute warning, relatively low purge meter amount needed, and only 1 active clan member required to be online. Just to give you an example.

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I have a T3 fortress along the “newb” river (as you commonly call it).
I’m about to find out what the purge is going to do about it.

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Well hopefully the settings in official aren’t punishing because unless you are ready with a purge build and are on with enough thralls, I think most people will get their place destroyed forcing them to remain in the noob area until they can make a effective fortress even if that’s not their style, also the fact that it isn’t scale based if in a clan/size or not it’s a problem. While I don’t mind purge since it adds more survivability, I think it needs to be more balanced in official. Someone said it can happen even when offline so if you work 2nd shift during those time you are doomed

Vanilla settings seems to limit the purge to level 4. The purge is punishing… it is designed to be. But on vanilla you should be able to get to level 60 unless you are dumb like say me… and level mostly through construction and exploration instead of combat and exploration which levels you much faster. If I’m close to a level and want the level I just clear a few camps and I have the xp I need in 30 minutes. If I were just building it would taken an hour or two and I have xp bonus’ to crafting and gathering and vanilla settings for combat. I’m not sure I’ll hit 50 before my first purge. (though I’m starting to gather thralls and that process kills and gets some XP.

The one question I have that I don’t think has been answered… what constitutes a Purge Target.

Does a 5x5 block of foundations with a wheel of pain with no walls count as a purge target?

a single foundation can be a purge target as far as I know.

I’m using sandstone in the highlands. I also only have 1 archer thrall besides my workers. Sounds like I’m screwed. Can I effectively ward off these purgers if I’m online, or should I focus on upgrading immediately? Also, is insulated wood equal to stone brick in terms of purge resistance?

You’re safe as long as your purge meter doesn’t fill up.
Insulated wood is T2 just like Stonebrick.

Thanks! Lol, that ■■■■■■■ is a fillin’ purty quick😁. I just recently noticed that it continues after log out to previous level, so it seems inevitable. I’m definitely going to upgrade to insulated wood very soon

Our purge in the highlands was undead with a undead dragon for final boss in last wave. Three of us defending didn’t have a problem. We had epic armor and star metal weapons. Took the dragon down with serpent arrows and 2 bows while third guy tanked/kited the dragon around.

Udead weren’t an issue. The dragon… well its a dragon and spit fire. Not sure your sandstone would be able to handle it. Our base is built of black ice.

Yep, that’s why I feel like I’ll be screwed. Hopefully, they don’t destroy everything. I may need to look to get a clan for help…

I will see how I do by myself since I don’t want to be in a clan, currently around the middle of the map and upgrading to tier 2, Don’t want to get thralls because they can be killed currently in pve and if I equip them with gear some scavenger player will just get them but might get some thralls for distraction at least and hoping it helps. Been fighting a lot but for some reason I barely level up. It’s such a pressure with the purge now, if I get easily destroyed then might just play single until it’s more balanced online

Ya Purge is something you want to prep for… I have a four locations that could be purged. So there currently is a 1 in 4 chance that I’ll have a purge I can handle and 1 in 4 chance I’ll have a purge I may be able to handle. and a 2 in 4 chance I’ll lose a full.

If you don’t think there is any chance you can save your base… before you get purged then… I’d game a bit.

Go out drop down a few quick structures in various areas. It seems be RNG. so if you go out and drop 20 foundations in various places it lowers the odd of a purge against your primary base… (I believe… I could be wrong)

Also remember the Purge happens to random players too… only 1 purge every 24 hours (on basic settings I believe) and it is a random selection. So if you are on a server with 80 bases all purge worthy, then you have a 1 in 80 chances of your base being hit. (again I beleive)