[PS4 - Quality of structures / buildings] In PvE, is there any plausible reason to invest in more expensive structures?

Hello. Stronger structures - made of reinforced brick and black ice, for example - are only functional to deal with the most dangerous purges?

Yea on PVE, just go with whatever you think looks the coolest. Unless you plan on running the purge a bunch, then I have no idea… I havent tried it yet lol. But most PVE servers have it set so buildings are invincible, at least from player attacks. So you could theoretically have a thatch house and be fine.

The map is separated into 6 levels of purges. You’ll generally want buildings that will withstand the purge level you build your base in. This map is slightly off since it doesn’t include the 6 purges but it’ll give you a general idea:


So Purge thralls can damage a building, on a PVE server, with invincible buildings? I’m just trying to make sure I got it right before I go building a sandstone house by the volcano thinking my thatch door is invincible lmao

I’m not sure. I had some hyenas tear down some fences during a purge. I know I have the building decay turned off but I’ll have to check my server settings this evening.

I personally dont have the purge on just yet, but I would rather be prepared if everyone on my server decided they wanted it on lol

My base in the desert area is basic, but it has lifted bridges as strategic defense. The only access by land to it is separated by a wall and some thralls. But as the resources and stronger animals are in the north, I decided to make a large base there “gradually,” because it takes a long time to create the damned reinforced bricks. Oh my. I really need patience and time.

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Yeah, hardened brick is a pain. My suggestion would be fish traps. Lots and lots of fish traps for the unappetizing fish that yield the precious ichor when cooked. You’ll need to lay a foundation down near them if you don’t have any structures close or they won’t work. You can also pick up a named Alchemist at the Godstowers. That’ll increase your yields of the hardening agent by significant amounts.

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If the building is on a plateau and the purge comes the mobs can spawn inside the base. I had a base up north on the aquedoc with no way up and had a ton of skellies spawn inside my base.

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Thanks, but I already did it. As I have a lot of water around my base in the desert area (though this may seem like a contradiction), I can say that it is self-sufficient in fuel because of the dozens of fish traps. I did it so realistically that I need to dive and hold my breath to collect fish. Luckily I also managed to get some level 3 alchemists to speed things up. But in the north I will have problems about it as far as fuel is concerned. If it were possible to put fish traps in the large water well, it would be funny. Oh, what good are the seafood traps?

Shellfish traps yield shrimp, crabs, and lobster. Shrimp are similar to unappetizing fish.

As for North… Why not use the black ice buildung blocks to avoid the brick issue? Black ice canbe farmed as needed.

No, my base is at the same height as the water stays. But if a purge is born in my inner area, lol, I’m screwed. This is strange because in “built” area should not be appropriate for spawn mobs.

If you’re having fuel issues then you can put the savory and exotic fish in a press and they yield oil. It has the best burn times as a fuel.

Isnt the unsavory (whatever the third fish is) the best one for oil? Cause I know one fish is 10 fish to one oil, the other is like… 3 or 5, and then the unappeal, unappetizing, unsavory, whatever, fish is a one to one ratio for fish to oil

Yes, but I always need those for the ichor for hardening agent. You get plenty of other fish if you’re making hardened bricks in large volumes.

AH! Yes, that makes much more sense. I missed that detail.

Also look for coal as a fuel source. I’ve seen ample quantities in the desert areas.

They are hard to miss on the edge of the render distance. They show up pitch black, almost like a hole into nothing as youre roaming. Metal shows up really well at that distance too.

I cook the shrimp from the Shellfish traps to get Ichor, Unappetizing Fish in the fluid press for oil. I have boxes full of each on official, I just keep the fluid press and campfire going.

Genius! I love it. That way I can keep using the other aquatic critters for slave food lmao