Need a little building advice. Noticed something about purges and AoE

Hi guys.

Whenever I get offline purged (always that one single night out of 30 nights where I can’t be online) I notice that the mobs hits have an AoE effect.

It’s like they damage 3 tiles at once (probably orbs) (I build my walls in triple layers. Foundation sandwiched between 2 walls)

What I’m wondering is this; is it even worth building triple walls? Do they damage each tile equally or is there some sort of damage fall-off? Should I build a fence parameter instead, and save on mats by not sandwiching a foundation? Do all thralls come equipped with orbs, or just a few?

How are your build experiences with purge defense?


Hi, i noticed this too, there is some kind of splash damage, i didn’t notice them using orbs, just melee. 1 npc was hitting 1 wall, i let her do it for awhile, then killed her, the damage was done to 6 walls plus the 3 foundations that were slightly raised, so basically she damaged most of the side of my house- sand stone tier, 4 foundations wide. And yes there was one Dafarri purge where they all had orbs, but not all npc’ have them, it depends on the type of purge. And the only advice i can give for offline purges is to spam some foundations away from your base, about 20’ away , with any luck the timer will run out before they damage anything of real value :slight_smile:


When I played on Testlive last time i got offline raided. I attached the layout and all parts which get destroyed are marked red. I have to add that the outer side was surrounded by an two layer high T3 wall. So the purge effectively destroyed a T3 wall, a T3 ramp and a T3 foundation in the lower left corner of the picture. There are purges with splash damage because auf orbs but even a boss mob doesn’t necessarily do splash damage. It depends heavily on the type of mob. However in top tier your base is butter anyway…

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Aye, looks about right.

Think maybe an outer fence parameter is more effective than thick walls, considering the cleave dmg makes the extra layers irrelevant.

Or maybe instead of

Inside <-- Wall | Foundation | Wall --> Outside

I should do

Inside <— Wall | Empty Space + Palisades | Wall | Foundation | Roof | --> Outside

This will space out the layers to reduce cleave, and the inner most wall will do the structure support.

I have been online for four purges. 3 have been the same one in the same area with the same mobs. I use a perimeter fence but all they do is destroy bottom so everything above falls down. Make sure your base level is the best possible. If you do two fence lines filled with thralls you can slow them greatly. The only offline purge that destroyed my in base holdings was a base that had no fence and it went through a door. Didn’t damage any other structure. It did wipe all my storage and most of my production stations. Only the cooks and Carpenter were left. I’m assuming it ran out of time. None of my defense thralls were dead though. What I see works is putting thralls outside of attack point walls. Creating spaces out walls. Putting more thralls between base and wall. It forces them to start and stop and I’ve seen mobs stall out when they get through one and have another set to go through. Might try it.

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Found using foundations two wide around the base with the smaller palisade around the edges can survive a purge if building material is proper for the area. ( Without Thrall support.)


I use Black ice and silent legion can break it fairly easy.

I always build a fence a couple foundations out from the structure and place thralls between them. I noticed that the purge will destroy a piece of the fence and then it creates a choke point to filter them out. The fence also keeps local wildlife at bay (and passers by safe) if they wander too close. It is also a good idea have thralls inside as well, as I have had skeletons spawn in the attic.


This is basically the design I have done for my main bases on each playthrough I’ve done.

Foundations on the ground or slightly above with walls on each side and palisades in between. Ceiling tile above to enclose it with archers every 2 ceiling tiles. Some archers have snake arrows, some have throwing axes, some have gas orbs. I pretty much alternate them.

The only issue is where the gate is. But I double that up as well with my set up. So there’s either 2 gate doors or gate walls to go through. Obviously you can’t put palisades there so it is what is.

If the purge hits the wall itself, they’ll destroy parts of it but do no damage to the actual base itself. If they hit the gates, they do some damage to the base.

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Does the AoE dmg affect the sandwhiched palisades? If not, i’d imagine placing the palisade on raw ground between 2 walls would be better as anything on a foundation will get destroyed with the foundation.

The odd thing is when I’m not on, I’ve seen both the interior and exterior wall end up being gone but the palisade in between is still standing. I do my walls two high while doing this and the top walls and ceiling tiles will still be there too. It’s like they’re trying to punch a hole and have no idea what to do with the palisade so they move to the wall piece next to it.

Eventually they find a palisade that must take AoE dmg because there will be an actual hole through into the base area.

So, in conclusion, sometimes it must take AoE and sometimes it doesn’t…or it always does and sometimes it doesn’t take enough AoE.

I’d have to actually stand there and let the purge just beat on it to see what actually happens, which I haven’t done.

The problem with palisades on raw ground is that sometimes you can place them and sometimes you can’t. After the change to the palisades from the boss farming, I don’t see just putting them on the ground as viable because it won’t be consistent.

My foundations, when you get straight flat land and have them sunk in, don’t take damage from the purges. If they’re raised at all, then they do.

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