What's Up with Purge?

Two things seem screwy: (1) The other day I received an offline purge even though my purge meter was close to zero, (2) T2 purge mobs can wreck T3 foundations and structures in T2 zones. It’s happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to others.

According to wiki, a T2 structure should resist a T2 mob. So, obviously, a T3 structure should be almost unscathed. Not happening. What’s up?

EDIT: I just found out that the purge happened to a neighbor, and some of his mobs decided they liked my base better. That answers how I could have been purged even though my meter was near zero. However, it still does not explain how T2 mobs and destroy T3 structures,

Put more thralls / pets outside. My base has not been purged a in long time but one of my clan mates gets purged all day long but he has so many thralls outside nothing makes it to the walls. Sorry I can’t help you more.

I have been purged a ton lately. They love my base. It glitches. Yesterday my clan mate and I fought some skelitons who roosted on my towers and inside my base. We recieved a message stating that the purge regrouped.

The bar didnt go down.

Then…wolves about 10 minutes after. But they ran to somone elses base. Then nothing. Just nothing.

Our bar is now low. I think my location is glitching them to be honest.

Hey there,

As a sidenote, we’ve reworked the Purge mechanics and improved it overall, making it more reliable and rewarding. You can see it in action in our current Testlive branch (PC) :slight_smile:

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