Purge resitsance?

So on the wiki it states that you can resist purges with different tiers of buildings, what does this mean?I have a base in the desert with t3 buildings only and get purges as normal, mind you I want it this way as purges are more efficient ways of collecting thralls quickly. I’m just wanting to know what “purge resistance” is or if it’s something that has been removed and the wiki hasn’t updated since the change. As stated earlier I do like building t3 bases and not worrying about losing the purges. My current theory is that resistance is based around threat of base loss, as in certain building types aren’t supposed to be destroy-able with a high enough tier.

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Yes I think this is exactly it. I read too much into the resistance (“can be resisted with T1 buildings” or whatever it says). So I was a little surprised in the south river how easily the purge went through the structures. They were even doing damage to the T2 stuff (although very minimum). It was my first purge so the surprise was more about the whole thing in general. Not that T1 sucks. That I knew :smiley:

There were so many of them to try and manage. Some snuck through and were attacking structures I wasn’t aware were in danger until after.

They also surprised me about attacking upwards. I was expecting the foundations and pillars but they aimed up and were damaging the ceiling tiles. Didn’t expect that :smiley:

And yes I’ll be pallisading the place up for sure! :+1:

@Zantalar And good question. I was planning to type up the same general question about the resistance.

I think you’re right my T3 structures don’t need to be repaired and I’ve had 8 purges, total of 2-8% dmg, If I may try to help, I recommend you build bases that are at locations easy to defend. For example, I build near the Relic hunter city every time now, the location I build at has only 1 way to get up without climbing. It funnels all the attackers to 1 location allowing for me to deal with them easily, early on I get as many thralls as possible and put them at strategic locations until I’m strong enough to fight as well. After a bit I build stars down and put guards there as well, only the locust purges are a threat now.

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Good advice! :+1:

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