PvE - Base destroyed by demon spider?

Hey all, I recently got this game and have been playing it a lot last week till now. I built a base near Claw Outcrop and was having fun expanding my base little by little.

However, today I logged in and see that a big part of my base is gone and half of my crafting stations are gone. Some of the thralls are missing too. When I check the event log it states “Sandstone Wall destroyed by demon spider”.

I was under the impression that on a PvE server the base couldn’t be destroyed? Two other players have bases nearby, one of them was left untouched, the other one had a chunk of a wall missing (like someone was trying to get in the base).

How is this possible? Did someone target my base on purpose? Or is this the result of a bug? If somebody targeted my base, like by kiting this demon spider (because I think the spawn location of the demon spider is not near my base), how can I avoid/stop this in the future?

I’m playing on the official PvE server 1028.

Any help/comment is appreciated!

You got hit by an offline purge.

You were attacked by the spider variety of purge and the demon spider is a boss.

As wrong as offline purging is, you’re quite lucky.
I’ve seen many t2 bases completely wiped out by the boss spider.

Ah I see… I wasn’t familiar with the purges yet. It’s a bit frustrating/disappointing to see part of your base gone. But at least now I know why. :slight_smile:

Are there ways of defending against purges? Using better buildings and more thralls?

Building in T3 is better, as it’s more durable, an offline purge will likely break some of your base anyway but the higher tier of building, the less they’ll take out.

Best way I can think of is to build a wall around your base, line it up with thralls equipped with gas orbs and sandstorm masks. it’ll take a while for something to break through your wall to even get in to your base and you should get by with minimal damage to your actual base and crafting stations. You’ll obviously lose part of this perimeter wall and a few thralsl that were standing wherever the perimeter wall was breached.

Ok thanks! I’ll try doing that. :slight_smile:

Considering that thralls are broken right now and will not fight, your base is doomed if a purge hits. Once Funcom comes back to work this will hopefully be fixed, and we will be able to set up meaningful defenses to resist a purge.

Of course I do not like offline purges, I feel we should be there to enjoy it.


T3 bases will be wiped by wolves, if you are not online beware

beware that they will only attack from around one block high. they need a very clean line of sight

I’ve seen that happen too.

Thanks for the added info!

It does feel somewhat unfair, last week I was playing frequently and I never was hit by a purge. Twice this week I come home after work and find parts of my base destroyed. It would be more enjoyable when the purge happens when you are online.

I’ve decided to rebuild my base in a slightly different position (quite high on a hill where you have to climb to get to it). Here I’m hoping the natural defense will be good enough to protect myself.

make sure the purge can reach your base otherwise it may spawn inside

OMG that would suck if they spawned inside based!!

Does anyone know how a vault would fare against a purge undefended? Will a purge be able to destroy it?

They would.

If I build a stairs to it, would that count as reachable? Reason I ask is because sometimes creatures stop attacking me when I go on stairs (rarely they follow).

Yes that works, use arrows to keep them agro

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