Buildings in PVE

On PVE servers is there any need to have an actual sealed up building. Apart from shelter from sandstorms if you are in the desert and don’t have the mask.
Would a wall around your base do just as well ?
As no-one else can access your chests / cupboards / workstations etc … why bother having them all locked away.

Apart from of course the purge i guess … but an appropriate Tier wall around your compound and everything out in the open would be just as safe as in a big ■■■■ building as well ?

thoughts ?

Ultimately your choice, but yeah… technically no reason to build a big house for it if you dont want, or feel the need, to… place everything in the open if you will, with a big damned wall around :slight_smile:

Aesthetic purposes really, i personally love to build great looking buildings that fit everything… Then i put a wall around it… So you can basically do the same, and just leave everything in the open if you will… Should probs be on foundations, just to be sure ofc, but still

Now I am not too sure about what I’m about to say.

The purge enemies I believe may be able to break your structures? Do not take that to heart but from what my friends tell me they can do that. So not so much as a sealed up building but a defensible building and upgrade them every once and awhile so they have more health and can withstand more damage during the purge.

This can all be wrong, I have been lucky and have not yet experienced a purge but that is just what I’ve heard.

Doing a little bit of research even the wiki recommends having fortified buildings for the purge. From what I’ve read they DO in fact destroy your buildings if left either unprotected or weak. Here’s the link.

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i placed everything in the open in my base, with a t3 fence around, some placeables on t1 foundations. but once i had an offline purge that destroyed my mapping room and a foundation. the fence and all combat thralls were untouched.

well, depends on personal preferences id say. My base for example is pretty large (pve), if you are interested hit up the share-your-shelter thread at around post 70~

Everything is possible.

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