Huge buildings and reaction of environment (and suspension of disbelief)

Having a great building system in game has one little downside - some people just can’t stop building. Sandstone skyscrapers, replicas of Great Chinese Wall or simply huge amounts of connected foundations from Burial Mounds to Volcano and Asgard and stuff like that. I guess it is in principles of sandbox gaming - being able to build anything that game mechanics allows to be built. But, isn’t it in same principles, that hostile environment with the built-in reaction (aka Purge) should have lore-friendly way to react according to epic size of building?

In theory, purges were designed to be the “cleanup crew” that would destroy stuff like that (the more sandstone monstrosities you’d spread around the world, the greater the chance they’d be targeted and destroyed). But the reality falls quite short, shall we say. The days of purges being something to be feared never really manifested and people build explicitly to bait them.

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Yeah, I can’t seem to do enough as a solo player to quickly trigger a purge.

On that note, how do dragon lures and other lures work? From the jeb religion… if it really does lure them… Can we have a similar item for purges?

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Me neither for the last many months (they changed the system that time). It used to be I could slowly but surely build up the bar, and eventually get a Purge. Unfortunately these days only clans and very active solos get Purged (on Official PvE settings anyway)


Seems like this is something that might need to be adjusted. Might want to start a new thread about that. Big clans can just deal with it IMO. If they’re doing it right, 1 or 2 people can handle it easily. Nobody should really complain about having free resources brought to their doorstep.

I didn’t meant this thread to be about how difficult it is to build up purge-meter.

It is about excessive buildings on PVE-k, useless for any reason, other that killing spawns and slowing down servers. Which probably requires something other than Purge, since spawning a Purge to attack something ten times bigger than Sepermeru would probably crush the server.

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