[PS4 - Quality of structures / buildings] In PvE, is there any plausible reason to invest in more expensive structures?

The purge will damage any building. No matter where you’ve built. Let’s say you built in level 1 to 2 purge area. Even if you build t3 buildings, the purge will still do damage. Most likely not being able to destroy it. Also to the purge is bugged to death right know, but onces it’s fulling functional, it will be a menace to deal with. It’s designed so that your buildings can take care of themselves when you are on or off the game.

This is so that if you have built on cliffs or in the water. The purge will come up through your foundations. I thought that was pretty ingenious, because it’s also designed to keep server clean from decaying buildings.

Right now on PVE higher tier is purely cosmetic. If the purge ever starts working you might need to upgrade because of this. This probably will be a while if ever though.

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