The past few weeks in Conan Exiles (Story about Purges)

There was a patch around the time Soul Calibur VI released for Conan. I basically had stopped building and basically playing completely after our last purge, because I knew we would be dedicating time to that game, and now Red Dead Online and I hated the thought of being “stuck” playing Conan all night, every night, waiting on the purge to come.

And then, that patch broke purge meters completely.

Let me tell you, our group has not had so much fun with Conan since the pre-release, pre-purge days. We can actually play when we WANT to play. We log in, make sure all the timers are reset and thralls are fed and we just do what we want- build, explore, what have you. Not feeling like logging in to guard against purges has turned a chore back into a game and for the first time in a LONG time I actually hop in and play during non purge hours.

The reason this is in suggestions: Please, for the love of Mitra I beg you to include some way to manually trigger a purge before fixing the purge meter. Giving us control over it will let us keep this feeling, that we had during EA, that your game respects our time. Personally, I could live with the meter never coming back but I know other players like the mechanic. We don’t. And a way to manually get rid of purge meters when we want to do other things is the best compromise.

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It has been great to not feel compelled to log on between 6 and 10 every night. Now we can choose when to play the game, as opposed to log in or miss out.
Still wish that when the purge works again, it could be online players only but 24 hours a day.
Right now its 11:45am and I’m loaded with 12000 stone, that would be a fun challenge to defend in a hurry.

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That would be nice, but they won’t.

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I’ve been complaining (somewhat) loudly about the lack of Purges recently. But I largely agree with you that there are unexpected advantages to be found in the system being (unintentionally) nonfunctional. Namely the lack of the abomination of game design that is offline Purges.

Probably not, no.

I know they won’t… JB flat out said so.

I have no hate for the purge itself- when it works. But We’ve had to deal with:

  • HP sponge bosses that have to be kited in circles for half an hour because the T2 area thralls are only slightly tickling them.

  • An entire spider purge appearing inside a rock wall, forcing two of us to poke at it with spears until it ended so it wouldn’t wreck the inside of a staircase.

  • The one time I’m late logging in one night we’re purge eligable, I come in to find half of a massive T2 bridge below the Galleon gone. Scorpions attacking the base of it. Six archers and four fighters standing there; they never budge.

  • We get one human purge ever. Four T1 archers, then it is defeated.

Allowing a system that does any of the above to demolish a players work when they aren’t there to do something about it is either negligence or malicious intent on the part of the devs. If they let Purge meters start filling again with no manual triggering option, before we can count on them happening in the open every time and thralls will do their jobs every time, then we will know which it is.

I understand this point and I used to have the same sentiment, but it is a survival game, and setbacks should be apart of survival. Perhaps offline purges should have a limit to how much they damage, but they should still leave a mark, even if it is a small one.

The key word is “game”. They gave us systems to deal with offline purges.

Those systems do not work every time.

If we prepare in a manner that they tell us to and fail anyway, then the system doesn’t work and should be removed until it does.

And besides, if they add a manual trigger and you don’t want to use it, then nothing changes for you.

Agreed, but offline purges are not the way to achieve that. To be a bit cheeky, I’ll use your own words against you: it’s a survival GAME and offline purges is not a game, it’s just a random server event that happens when you’re not playing.

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