Change Purge settings on Official Servers


Yes, I know, I’ve posted about this before. But I have a very specific reason for bringing it up again.

This coming week, Soul Calibur VI comes out. This is the big one for us; Most of my friend group met playing IV and V. So we will be dedicating a lot of time to it.

Unfortunately, that means we cannot afford to sit on Conan from 5pm to 9pm my time every day.

Do we HAVE to do this? No. We could just risk it. Despite the times we have seen a purge attack and our thralls ignore it completely. The times it has spawned inside a rock wall and start attacking a bottom cliff corner of the base away from thralls. Or the time it spawned a bunch of wolves inside our walled area.

And so, the next time we get a purge and our meter resets, we will basically be forced to stop playing Conan except to log in and feed thralls and reset timers. Anything else will build meter too fast. If they would just change the setting so at least one person from a clan must be on to get a purge, it would mean we could safely alternate Conan and other games, it would make sure clans that are online get purges more often… it would solve so much.

But until then, we will just have to put Conan on the back burner. If we ever log in to find a whole base wrecked by a purge while we were gone, that would become a permanent shelving.

So yeah… that is my two cents. I’d say I hope they listen but past experiences say they won’t even reply to this.


I too have posted on this before and agree they should be online only.

But better than that they should be 24 hours a day. That would seriously add to the thrill of not knowing when its going to happen.
Its Sunday morning where I am now. I’m about to log on and grind out a stupid amount of stone for a handful of bricks.
I’m in encumberance build. I have 12 strength. None of my friends are online.
Its highly unlikely i’ll be able to empty the 20k stone, iron, wood i’m carrying, respec, change my pants and teleport to which ever base is under attack before the purge gets underway.

Right now an undead dragon purge would be an extremely tough challenge to keep away from any base.

It would be awesome if a purge could take you by surprise like this.


Yeah, it would be fine if they made it any time, but only when you are there. And they would have to have a toggle so that your structures could only be damaged by a purge against your clan- it is possible to kite a purge to someone else’ base. Especially bosses.


Hey, and we just had our first ever human purge. Four naked tier one black hand fighters that took about five seconds for my fighters to club unconscious. Killed them all and stand around for half an hour before it defeats.

Starting to guess that White Dye is intended to be as rare as Bigfoot juggling Unicorns while riding a Yeti.


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